Firearms dealer South Yorkshire / Derbyshire

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Hi all

Can anyone recommend a good firearms dealer in the South Yorkshire / Derbyshire area? Someone who can look after a newbie is what I'm looking for.



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Hello. MJ75

Been to euroguns, but didn`t particularly find them very obliging if i`m honest.

Try my local gunshop in Hillsborough, sheffield it is called Browns lock Stock and Barrel on holme lane.

I have dealt with him for years and find him not only very reasonable, and helpful, but very friendly and welcoming. BUT, be warned, make sure you tell someone at home that you will be going out for a while, because John Brown, who owns the place can talk the hind leg from a donkey, meant in the nicest sense of course.

He knows his stuff, has a good selection of guns and if he hasn`t got what you want, will know someone who has got one, or will order you one.

Good luck and let us know how you get on where ever you go.




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Thanks for the replies lads. Browns is not too far from my office so I will pay him a visit. When I can take a long :D lunch break.

All the best
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