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I am going to need to renew my firearms licence in the coming months, I applied for a variation for the moderator I now have and use and at the same time asked and was given permission to buy a .30-06

So far I have been unable to get the funds together for the rifle I want.

I am worried that when I renew it that plod will say that I cant have it on the next licence because I obviously don’t need it that much or else I would have already bought it.
But I cant help it if I’m a little strapped for cash at the mo. If he put it on the next licence it would give me 5 yrs to get it and I defiantly hope to by then!!

What do you think?



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Speak to your LFO? He should be able to advise. If you have reason to purchase one (Authority to shoot on ground) then there should be no reason why not. I asked my LFO about applying for a .17HMR and .22RF and if I'd get them both, he said, yes. I had the authority to shoot with either caliber so there was no problem.


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When i renewed my FAC a few months ago, I still had the space on there for another .270 but hadn`t had one since selling it 2 years previous so I felt in a similar situation. When the FO came to check my exsisting guns and cabinet I made a point of telling him that I didn`t want him to take it of as i was going to be getting another one soon. He said , well, as a rule, if you haven`t had one on your license for quite a while before renewing, then we would normally take it off but said that he would leave it on.
The thing is, if truth be known, they don`t want us to have any guns and will always look for any excuse to take them off us, but in this case the FO shone.



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my FLO has never past comment on wether i hav a spare authority on my ticket at renewal time , he justs says always make sure you do have one just in case, as a variation costs money but a one for one does not .
so my advice would be before you get your ticket back apply for extra authorities for calibres you don,t need yet but may think of in the near future even if you do not purchase them you can always exchange them when you need to at no cost
hope this helps

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Thanks everyone for your advice, I will as you say have a chat with him, I cant foresee a problem, he seems nice enough in the past. I just wanted your take on the situation.

I am also getting into reloading so what’s the deal with buying bullet heads. I guess I just talk to him about it when he comes to visit.

What’s the standard amount the allow and what do you think I should push for. I don’t know of any shop round me that sells reloading kit so when I buy the heads I am going to want to buy a sensible amount especially if I’m having to travel further to get them.
do you recon he will stretch to 200?


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i would like to hope he will stretch to 200.
i would even go to purchase 300 and hold 350 as most bullet heads can be bought in 100 head packs or even go higher , what hav you got to lose
good luck


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I had a slot for a .22LR on my FAC and when I failed to fill it for the 3rd renewal in succession my local FLO said that if I hadn't filled it by the next renewal they would want to take it off. That seems fairly reasonable to me.


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I am in a similar bind to you Miles I have just been granted my FAC the licensing officer was great, gave me all I wanted except the 8mm I wanted as the "boss" would be unhappy, as I already have one at a mates who is a dealer it would have helped my finances, but said I could swap it later for the 8mm "if I drop on one"
Then his boss rang up and took off my 30-30 also... grrr said it wasn't a UK deer rifle although it meets all the specs .. tell all those bloody deer in the states that my mate shot dead on the spot with it and it's the most popular deer rifle in yank land!!! but I could also have it later if I dropped on one" this must be a licensing office term I digress sorry the main point was however I did say that there was space for 5 rifles of varying calibre I might struggle to buy all off them and they were quite ok and said most people don't rush out and buy 5 new rifles straight away it's more if you have something and never use it that concerns them.
So you should be ok