Fireworks and Dogs

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OK some may say put this in dogs n tracking.
Hows your Dog putting up with the jolly season of Arson and noise !.
Those trained to the gun OK I guess !. I have two a jack Russell type that wants to light the touchpaper, an older dog of 10 years , on the other hand a rather expensive Puppy 4 months old that I am trying to learn some manners , and had not planned to introduce to loud bangs yet!!! :rolleyes:
She seems interested , a good sign but why do I also wear her like a shroud ! when the really big ones go off!!! I think a lot of fuss is needed here to keep her keen but not frightened , thoughts chaps /chapesses.


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You can let off a 12g right next to my 2 spaniels and they don't mind.
Fireworks thats a different story they are scared shitless, so I don't know if it's due to the dark and they can't relate to where the noise 'should' be coming from.
So they tend to be on the sofa with me this time of year



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My spaniel bitch is fine with shotguns, but terrified of fireworks,

our old spaniel was so laid back we took him to an organised firewook display,
he didnt give a stuff.
daft old bugger used to stand out in a thunderstorm looking for falling game. :lol:


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I have had three spaniels now and they have been trained to the gun but none of them including the current one has liked this time of year. My first and hardest working dog would hesitate at nothing but fireworks got him running for cover. I might be wrong but I have always suspected that its not the final bang that upsets them but perhaps the wooshing noise that proceeds it.



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If people want to take their children to see fireworks why don't they also include an enclosure next to the hot dog wagon with a few cats, dogs, horses, cattle, sheep etc etc just to show what the animals have to suffer. It's not even restricted to the 5th of November because the displays seem to go on for a week or more. My animals are scared out of their wits every year and if anything gets me revved up it's idiots whooping and hollering whilst animals cower in fear.

There, I feel better now :evil:

The Mole

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One of our dogs (a JR) is fine with shotguns but turns into a shivering wreck when fireworks start to go off. Our vet put us onto a herbal thingy called Rescue Remedy which is for stress in humans but he assured us is perfectly safe for dogs. It really seems to take the edge off the problem - just a drop on the dogs tongue early in the evening, and maybe another later on. Perhaps Morena might comment here?


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Some of my clients tried Rescue Remedy on their dogs. some it worked others useless. One of my nurses tried it on 2 of her dogs one helped other no good. None came to harm. We did have a £100,000 mare put through a fence by a rocket but that's another story.
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