First 6.5 reloads

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sussex lad

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Finaly managed to try a few homeloads for the 6.5 out last night while out with Bigdan.
The best result so far is 120 Nosler BT'S over 40 grns Accurate 4064 in Lapua brass and CCI BR primers 20thou of the lands.
A good start, not sure which way to go next?
Should i tweak the lenght or powder first ??

The holes at the bottom are Dans 17hmr doing its stuff, how he ended up on my target god knows!!! :lol: :lol:


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Congrats on your first reloading attempt. If I were you my next move would be to go hunt with that rifle/round combo. Unless you are getting really into it and are looking for minor improvements, nothing wrong with that, or you are considering competition, I would call it a day.

That however is just my lazy view of matters :D :D


Tikka 260

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Just my tuppence worth...

2 clicks right, 3 clicks down, go shoot some deer with it. As JB says.

OR .... 49 gns RL22, loaded to 5 thou off the lands, take it to the range and try it, then increase the stand off by 10 thou, shoot , repeat until you get the group you want. Thats the brew that I am using, it is not a hot round, 2800 ish out of a 22" barrel. Maybe check for general load info?



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Try loading in .5g increments either side of this load, you may find a more accurate one.

If not play with seat depth going in (in .005" increments) untill .010" off lands.

Well done on 1st try, welcome to the expensive "cheap" hobby of homeloading :evil:

sussex lad

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Cheers guys :D
I will load up the remaining 120grn Noslers with this load so at least i can get out and shoot :p
And the next box i manage to get( the nearest reliable source of reloading gear is a 1 1/2 hour drive :( ) away i will have a little tinker with.

Richard Parsons

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Stick with what you've got. You can spend forever trying to tighten that group , but with a lightish sporter barrel etc. it aint gonna happen. If you want better, take up bench rest IMHO !!! Fantastic to see a satisfying start......ATB.


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Good start, but you can probably improve with experimenting. I have 2 sporter barrels and have managed to get my groups under 0.5". It takes a little more time and effort but it gives you a fantastic amount of satisfaction.
You can stick with what you have as it is better that a lot of people, but you may find that you can make your rifle exeptional.

That is what home loading is all about, making your ammo to suit the rifle that you have, and make it as accurate as possible.

Only my opinion.

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