First buck of the season

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And aint he a beaut :lol: :lol: :lol:


And the land owners first one not a patch on mine i thought, his hasnt even got a fluffy head like mine :lol: :lol:



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Well done!

No Bucks for me this year, the ground I shoot on doesn't sustain a healthy number of Roe, about 10 if your lucky.

Out next week some time to get a final Stag or Fallow Buck.

Good luck for the rest of the season.


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nice one apollo
i don't start on my roe bucks till the end of the month as i still hav a few fallow about but can't wait till may for my first one


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The gun is a .308 howa and the bullet is a 150 grain spear soft point, the same ones we use for the boar, they tend to open them up a bit at close range.

I have just applied for a 220 swift for the muntjac as the 308 is a little strong shall we say, anyway i get a phone call today off firearms dept and the chap says the ground that i want to use it on will have to be checked for the calibre and the presence of the deer, now i have an open cert for fox deer and wild boar on the 308 so why cant they just give me the swift for the muntjac that im already shooting with the other gun, is this normal.

I hate the police going round to new ground that you have just got and asking all these stupid questions that they already know the answers to and expecting the landowner to walk round with them, the other thing is the local firearms officer should know the whereabouts of the deer in the area but if he dosnt will he have to stalk around there early one morning to see if he can see any ????


Yes thats stupid. My force appear to be a bit more enlightened. The view is that if you are going down in calibre its ok. I spoke to another force the other day who have the view that if its cleared for full bore its ok for anything. Common sense I call it.

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first buck of the season, and first one with my blaser .308. he was the oldest buck out of a group of 5 deer that i have been watching (mature doe, yearling doe, small 6 pointer, pricket and this fella). the smaller 6 pointer was hastling him (he had only 5 points) so i decided to move him on to a better place (my fridge) and see how the six pointer develops.


shot at 120m off bipod with 150gn winchester soft point. bullet went a bit higher than i wanted but the .308 did the job well enough. big exit but less blood damage/bruising than the .243 i've been used to shooting.


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Hello all,

Just thought I would post a few pictures from my first outing of the buck season this year. I travelled North at the weekend and managed to get four of the total bag! :D

The first,

The second,

The third,

The fourth,

And Finally,

What a cracking weekend had by all.
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