First Deer


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Having never stalked before, and not been long on this fine forum, and having only got back into shooting recently I was fairly nervous about the day ahead. I hoped having shot a lot of vermin with a rimfire that my shooting would be acceptable to Adrian of British Shooting Services when I met him in Somerset.

An afternoon spent checking my safety skills and shooting ability went quickly and soon it was time to head out. Moving as quietly as possible following Adrian through the orchard I hoped to be able to take a shot but fully understood the chance may not happen. After a while a Roe Buck was spotted, I lined up the shot but a beginners error saw me flicking the safety off too firmly and I could only watch in horror as the deer disappeared. I was not pleased how I had caused this but Adrian took it as well was possible and led me in a different direction. After a short while we arrived in a wooded area and about 80 to 90 meters was a Roe Buck standing on the other side of a clearing. I lined up a shot and squeezed the trigger, the animal fell and I was pleased that no other follow up shot was needed, I had placed the shot exactly as been taught and have read about here.

I’m sure everyone remembers the first deer they shoot, I know I certainly will. Many thanks to Adrian of British Shooting Services and all the members on here who post such good and useful information. It is appreciated.


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Good job,congratulations. As stated above not many had a chance to shoot on their first stalk. I took my first deer after 6 times out stalking. Now enjoy your meal