first fallow bucks of the season and its a double yipeeee

Hi lads/lasses

went out sunday evening for a sit in one of my highseats overlooking a wheat field, i got into the seat at 8.15 and by 9pm a fallow pricket came to the party:lol: he had wheat on this menu ,so i let him settle and after about a minute one of his friends turned up aswell anouther pricket.

they where only about 100 yards away so i dispatched the first one quickly/cleanly then a quick reload and let his mate have one as well = 2 very unhappy deer and 1 very happy dave :lol::lol:

so all in all not bad for 45 minutes work (but then the real work begins), if only it worked like this every time lol lol

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Happy shooting



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Well done ! If it was like that every time it would be chore.
I got my first of the season Saturday evening. Saw 11 doe's and two pricketts.


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Well done Dave! :) I'm unable to stalk at the min due to injury but reading about all you lads successful stalls gives me a real boost ! Almost as good as getting out myself ! ......almost ! Lol