First Red Hind at Mellness

Just a quick shout out for a really helpful and knowledgeable guy really!

I popped a thread up in the stalking wanted part of the forum prior to Christmas as due to a last minute change of plan, I ended up staying just outside Drumnadrochit at new year. Tartinjock suggested that I get in touch with David Brown and a PM conversation with David followed.

I duly turned up at Mellness on Wednsday afternoon to meet David and to try out his rifle, which all went fine. On Thursday morning, it was on with the real thing and, after one false start, I managed to take my first red hind.

David is an exceptionally nice chap and extremely patient (he must have been grinding his teeth as I struggled to find the hind in the scope). His knowledge of stalking, wildlife and the highlands generally is huge and I learnt a lot.​

There are plenty of deer on David's property (Sika, Red and Roe), he and his family are very hospitable and the accommodation (which I didn't stay in but had a quick look round) is first class. If you want a stalking location where you can also take the family on holiday, this is probably it.​

Hind is now hanging in the shed here waiting to be butchered and I will definitely be making an effort to get back to Mellness. Big thumbs up to the Stalking Directory and David Brown.:D
Well done Tom_Ov,

Really nicely written and so very good to hear how much you enjoyed your stalk. I look forward to hearing about your future successes.

Thanks for the kind comments Tom. I am glad you enjoyed the stalk. Dont worry, a lot of lads have trouble at first actually seeing the deer in the thickets when the snow is semi-melted. It is perhaps the most difficult conditions to spot deer in that exists.
I forgot to mention- when you take her out of the skin dont be alarmed is you see a lot of warbles just under and in the skin. Trim them off with the sub-cut tissues and the rest of the meat will be fine. She was a good hind and should be excellent to eat. David
Glad it all worked out for you, it's a fantastic location and David along with his family are very nice and helpful.

I spent 2 nights there with my family and had a successful Red Stag stalk on my first night, David offered a second stalk the following night, but I declined as I was with the family.

He knows the ground like the back of his hand, knows his deer.

Just a quick update - after a week's hanging, carcass was processed yesterday. Managed to get together a couple of friends who were interested in helping out and after quite a lot of effort, I'm very pleased with the results - respectable looking steaks, joints and a nice lot of burgers and casserole. Mind, I'll never question the value of anything in a butchers ever again! Stalking Directory scored again as at one point, I had the laptop out in the garden shed looking at pictures of where to make the cut to seperate the saddle and the haunches.

First steaks consumed for dinner this evening and were extremely tender.

For info David, there were no warbles on the carcass (or none that I spotted anyway!)

Well Done Tom,

I've been to David's on a number of occasions and had a number of personal firsts there.

Hoping to return to the cabin and David's with the family soonest for another great trip and some more fantastic company.