First Red Stag of the season

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Devon County Shooter

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First Red Stag of the season. Initially i was stalking a Roe Buck when all of a sudden i stumbled on these 3 stags. As i had no muzzle clearance i was forced to shoot the AI from a fence post. Shot was executed perfectly in the neck and on closer inspection the vertebrae was shattered, couldn't of been any cleaner. After the shot it was great to see how a moderator does its job as the other 2 stags just trotted around a bit within 50 yards from me. As i was alone this time i choose to leave the other 2 for for the rut in September. The drag to the truck was emotional but that is another story!



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Devon County Shooter

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The saddle joints were huge! As for the shot, i'm sure he didn't feel a thing, the neck bones were completely severed. Becoming a fan of the neck shots close up, minimum meat damage every time.
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