first results 7mm 08


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hi guys been out to day and tested the rounds i loaded a couple
of weeks ago .
powders used reloader 15 and hodgson h414
bullets used hornady v max 120 grain
nosler parttition 140 grain
siera game king 140 grain
sorry no pics must give it a go one day
the v max were arond the one inch group
the best hunting round was 40 grains of rel 15
with a 140 siera game king seated 10 thou of the lands
sub 1 inch group at 100 yds
very pleased at the moment seeing this rifle scope combo
was bought second hand and was printing the factory power
shocks all over the place id been thinking what have i been and
done buying this . :oops:


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I'm glad you've sorted it out. I love my 7-08 - I shot my first buck & doe with it.
If I could only keep one rifle this would be it.It really could cover every requirement. If you needed to shoot the big stuff you could even go up to 165gn bullets.
Small quarry 120. It's the solution to my shooting needs for certain.
Hope you have the same enjoyment from yours.


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I started off with 140gn nosler ballistic tips to allow for my lack of experience. Now have moved on to 140gn sierra pro hunter.
There is less accuracy with the pointed soft points,but I will give 130 speer spitzer a try. I think mine likes boat tail bullets,as I had great results with sierra match kings in 130.
I think 7-08 can be flatter shooting & harder hitting than other comparable calibres,though I'm sure the .243 boys would love to correct me!


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dl this caliber seems to like the sieras with what ive read on here and elsewere think i might try some 120 and 130 s as well
as for the 243 i own two one being a ackley improved
as i said i havent shot any deer with the 7 08 yet
but when i do i will let you know what i think
i know swampy is pleased with his and is pleased with the
performance on bambi regards pete .


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If you load up the 7mm with bullets from the middle of the weight selection,& get some hunting done,I'm sure you will be won over by how capable it is.


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I feel it is a really great round that will in the future be a real classic. it is accurate, very versatile carries a great variety of bullets with a very high bc. the most accurate i have used is the 120 gr sierra. the performance on game is excellant in all 3 bullets i have tried 130. 145 and 120.

i love mine

(only when the wife is out)