First Roe buck with the new Howa.

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I had arranged to meet my mate Andy at the barn at the top of the fields, from their you can bino alot of the ground. As this is moorland, hedges are few band far between. Andy scans the fields and pipes up "Hello bambi" There`s a roe buck lieing down near to a "T" junction of the few hedges there are.
We make our way down the hill, i remarked that the wind is in our favour, Andy agrees.
We get to what he says is about 200 yards from the buck and he stays "wait here a minute" and he goes forward.
I`m thinking "the sh*ts going to shoot it himself" but he came back 5 minutes later, saying that the buck is now up and grazing (sorry Andy, i knew you wouldn`t have shot it really. :p ) and he says " the stalk is yours. try not to step on any twigs etc, keep the movement to a minimum"
We check my rifle is loaded and safe, so tri-pod and rifle in hand off i go. The hedge has a ditch running along its lenghth but there`s the odd gap which you can view the other side. I find a gap and i can see the buck, he`s at a sort of 45 degree angle so i set the tri-pod, readied the rifle.
I now have him in my scope but i`m not happy, he`s about 120ish yards away, the wind is starting to blow. I can`t hold steady on the bucks chest as much as i try so i aborted the shot. I decided to try and move down the hedge a little to try and find another spot, i soon came across a slanting tree, less hedging but just enough to hide me. The tri-pod was laid down, and i laid against the tree with a small branch to rest the rifle on to the left. This was as good as it was going to get. So, through my mind goes = bullet in chamber, bolt down, safety off, deer in scope, backstop? yes, safe shot? yes. Crack sssssssss thud, YEAH BABY!!
The deer ran for about 30ish yards and dropped. On examination, the bullet struck higher than expected, but we`re putting that down to adrenalin, nerves and the wind. Tea times going to be good for a while.
And here he is.
Thanks Andy. ;)


Andy L

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Fantastic Basil and well done for aborting the first shot in favour of a better rest point. Good on ya!!!!


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Good on you Basil mate! A text book shot, well executed. A very nice cull buck I hope he cooks up well for you. ;)

Thanks for posting the photos. :D


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Well done Basil, and good for you for knowing that the first place was not on and moving. Enjoy the meat.