First set of sticks

Hi All,

This might be a bit of an add-on to November’s thread about sticks but it wasn’t specific about kneeling shots.

Looking for some advice about sticks, going to buy my first set of sticks as I have some cash left over from xmas.

I don’t know whether I should go for Primos gen 3 tripod with the 2 point gun rest or try and find a quad set that will drop down far enough so I can kneel/sit to take the shot.

Is there a quad set out there that will drop enough for a kneeling shot and doesn’t have a price tag that would choke a horse and is it worth it to get the 2 point rest if I went for the Primos. Has anyone on here used one?

I was going to make my own sticks but I have my DSC 1 in March so I might as well go for a set that would help with the standing and kneeling shots.

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I used home made sticks for dsc1 , they don't need to be anything special.

If fact I used the same sticks for all my rabbit shooting and stalking, cheap and effective.

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If you made some as I did from 18mm hardwood quadrant. It comes in lengths that effectively give you off cuts about right to make a set of sitting sticks.

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From my recent experience of sitting the dsc 1, I'd say the make, brand or style of sticks are irrelevant. It's having the ability to shoot from them, the sitting/kneeling is where I struggled. I didn't practice enough, I still passed but instead of a nice neat group, I had 2 shots right on the edge of the edge of the kill zone and 4 in the middle

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OK, I did my DSC1 nearly 11years ago, but I did not use sticks for either standing, kneeling or sitting, and easily shot the required group.

I am military trained, so I guess practice makes for a better rifle shot.

Good luck.
OK, I did my DSC1 nearly 11years ago, but I did not use sticks for either standing, kneeling or sitting, and easily shot the required group.

I am military trained, so I guess practice makes for a better rifle shot.

Good luck.
A responce to that is most certainly worthy of a dedicated thread but to avoid the risk of derailing the Op's question I will only observe the following:

Choose you sticks wisely and in the context of in-the-field ease of deployment rather than what you percieve as a need for fewer than 10 shots in a lifetime! Namely the DSCL1 shooting test.

Any compotent & caring supplier of this DMQ course will have suitable sticks aplenty to let you use and FOC. Indeed I know one provider who, if they see you struggle with what you have purchased, will cast them aside in favour of ensuring your use of their sticks.



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Very very true. I had bipod on rifle for prone, my own quad sticks for standing on the basis I would free hand the kneeling. But as they has some bipod sticks that suited at the position I used them.
The test should be easy, barring a disaster!
The written part is the easy bit of DSC1. There's far more potential for things to go wrong with the shooting test :scared:
Agreed so all the more reason to 'park' any male hormonal-induced refusal to aknowlege one's limitations, behind the trigger, and put in no less on the range position shooting practice than you might commite to learning by rote the answers to 300 DSCL1 questions.

That may sound pompose and self-righteous but I can honestly say it worked for me.



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I love the Primos it is great for standing and sitting, depending on terrain I have used it prone too. I'd argue, I can deploy it in the same time I can quad sticks or bipod. 100% steadier than standing / b&q canes bipod, and quicker/easier to achieve a greater field of fire than quad sticks which need to be physically lifted up and moved rather than swivel on a point. I have the two point gun rest but never use it. If I am shooting on the open hill and can take time to stalk in and go prone I will stick the Harris bipod on. Most of my shooting is woodlands and Primos is my go to.


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After my first stalking trip to the UK with SikaMalc I came home an advocate of sticks. However, the first set I bought were Gen 1 Primos sticks and they did not live long - had a major issue with the trigger/adjustment mechanism after a year or so. Eventually tossed them and bought a BogPod tripod and have been very pleased. As a matter of fact, so pleased that it accompanied me back to Scotland this fall and worked well.

Whatever stick set up you settle on, plan to spend some extra money on practice ammo
Another one for the primos, sitting, kneeling and standing is what I use it for. Before them I used 2 sticks from a hardware store and a piece of inner tube. Did all my shooting using them for a couple of years and they worked. The primos were off the Mrs though :D

Edit to say, I tried the viper quad sticks but couldn't get used to them, I dare say with time I would be ok so bear that it mind