first shots with the new rifle


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Good afternoon gentlemen.

I took the Varberger for a range visit this morning - down to Garlands which is only an hour from my place.

I took three factory loads:

Remington Core Lokt 100g
Federal Powershok 100g
Federal Vitalshok btsp 100g

No surprise that the gun prefered the most expensive rounds (typical), I had a few problems to start with as the scope was miles out - I could see I was hitting the board, but couldn't see where - and it wasn't on my targets.

Well, after wasting a load of ammunition I finally stopped and thought it through - went 25 yards from the targets, sighted in through the barrel, and then moved the crosshairs from there. I know, I should have done this first - lesson learned.

It really didn't fancy the two cheaper types of ammunition, but eventually I started getting 1 inch groups with the Vitalshok Boat tails before my time ran out.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to go again - I think it'll shoot tighter groups when I get better, the fault being my shooting rather than the set up.

Im not 100% sure about my scope however - I think i'd prefer a higher magnification, 6x42 is pushing it with my eyesight, i'll stick with it for the time being - im supposing for rangework its a bit weak, but ideal for stalking - and since im not going to the range that often - it should be fine!

My cheap x27 spotting scope was a complete waste of money - I could see far better with my rifle scope!




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Life is one long learning process!

It can be a bit frustrating at times but it seems like your enjoying it, great stuff. Just keep pumping the rounds down the pipe (you do still have to shoot down the pipe at Garlands I take it?) and try as many different types of cartridge as you can afford.

Enjoy! :D

Pete E

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After always using vari-power scope, a couple of years back I bought a 4x32mm and was thinking the same as you ie not enough power for range work.

The trick is to select a target with an aiming mark that suits your reticule and make sure that aiming mark is big enough.

I ended up using a plain orange 1 1/2" circular sticker target on a bit of white backing paper. I found that even with a x4 power scope, I could just about see when the cross hair quartered the circle evenly indicating it was centered...

I found using this system I could shoot much better than expected, including many 1" groups when i did my bit...




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Yes it is still the big old sewer pipe!

I'll take some different targets next time, hopefully that'll help.

Right then, off to clean it - im very tempted to go again tomorrow!




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Hi Stand Buck

Cleaning will affect the zero.

Its also the subject of many a thread, some don't clean their barrels inside (or very very rarely), others do it after each and every stalk.

Each to their own - as a convert to rifles from shotguns, im a clean every time man - although in a bow to others opinions i'll only run an oiled rag through the inside of the barrel.





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Daemo, if you would like some help next time you go to Garlands PM me and I will join you. Will bring bags etc and if you have some .243 dies we'll get some loads made up for that rifle if you like.



Stand Buck

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I have never found it to affect the zero of any of my rifles.

I know that leaving oil or oil residue will affect the zero though.

Not cleaning the rifle and allowing copper fouling to build up will have a bigger and permanent effect on accuracy than cleaning reguarlly will.

Just my 2cents worth!

Offroad Gary

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dont want to change this into a cleaning thread but if that were my new rifle i would sell it and buy a blaser! ;) just kidding - looks very nice.

i dont clean my rifles very often and when i do its definately not with oil.
when i get a new one i do a full decopper with patches and solvent and then see how it behaves as it gets more dirty. i then clean it again and see if it performs the same. you have to get all of the crap out, copper off and it will not affect zero, however some rifles like it dirty, some like it clean.

why dont you resist the urge to clean it and just keep using it, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at the results. your confidence will improve as you get used to it and then you can start learning how it likes to be cleaned.

you will aslo need to be careful not to heat it up too much, i guess you put quite a lot of ammo through it in a relatively short time - thats not going to tell you how your rifle performs, you need to shoot em cold and dirty (or cold and clean if your one of those people with OCD) :lol:


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I think a 1" group at 100yds with a x6 scope is pretty good shooting, but I would say that because that's as good as I can do :) I also have deep pockets and short arms and hate zeroing with expensive ammo, I pull the trigger and all I hear is KER-CHING. I get it on the board with cheap stuff and then break out the deer ;) stuff.


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I consider myself lucky to get 200 rounds a year on live animals.

(That's why I shoot. If I want to shoot paper then I would use a different rifle (not calibre) and different regime. Whole purpose of target shooting is to remove all the variables.)

Only at that point would I consider "the ultimate enema" and hit the barrel with the big clean.

Then I would expect to use a box of ammo to foul the barrel, maybe two if I'm not close or comfortabe on impact point. Note, relationship between scope and rifle hasn't changed, just the bullet "fit" in the barrel.

Go out for a day, shoot two check rounds, fire one round and get one kill and then return my barrel to a squeaky shiny....

Carbon fouling ain't bad in modest amounts. Copper fouling takes rounds to build up. Chemicals should be used infrequently.



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One inch groups

Hiya mickthe brick

I was always going to be ok ish on the range because I used to shoot tired old Lee Enfield .303's years ago in the cadets. It doesn't really translate to the field when you haven't got sandbags and a bench and as much time as you like to line up and steady the breathing, but its a good confidence builder.

The trouble with the groups I got towards the end were that although 1 inch, they weren't exactly where I was pointing the crosshairs! - so I still need to refine the zero somewhat. The reticl No.2 im using isn't the best for this either, but fine for the field.

The last 8 shots I did when my time was up were taken straight after each other, and all went in the cd sized circle i'd quickly traced to make a final target, so I don't think its far away from what i'd like.

One more trip to the range should see me happy from the bench, then its the dreaded sticks and kneeling etc - then we'll see my accuracy go completely out of the window because I know i'll be worse than useless!

All good fun and im looking forward to the learning curve!

On the subject of cleaning, I won't clean the barrel again for a while and see how I get on.





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smullery said:
Only at that point would I consider "the ultimate enema" and hit the barrel with the big clean.
Did you really mean enema? :lol: That's one way of cleaning crap out, though I don't think I'd do it to a rifle... :evil:


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Really pleased you went out and had a go it's really exciting & great fun to shoot your own first rifle, we used to go to Garlands quite often on a saturday morning always a have a good time and mooch around the shop.

I had my rifle for ages before I got to use it in anger as I had changed scope when Stone took me out so we used his rifle on my first ever Roe Buck :lol:
Then eventually shot my first stag up at Malcs where I believe you are off later in the year you will really enjot it, just hope you don't have the same luck as me went to check my zero and the bloody rifle jammed a case over expanded so that was it. Malc however came to my rescue and lent me his spare rifle :lol:
Hope all goes well if you want to plan a trip to Garlands give me a pm I am laid up taking it easy now for at least a week :cry: