First stalk and success 😀


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Having joined this group last year in an endeavour to start stalking as an enjoyable pastime and means of putting fabulous food on my table and in the dogs bowls, I can wholeheartedly say what a great bunch you all are .
After my introduction on this site another member local to me made contact and he has been a wealth of knowledge, assisting me with in my progression and the instrument of my first success yesterday.
I received a message during last week" are you doing anything over the weekend? Weather dependent we could nip out for a stalk, bring your rifle"
So arrangements made Saturday evening off we go.
Well go down this end. This end was akin to jungle warfare training without the machete ! Had I been short I would still be there now😂 We found our way back to a clearer path and returned to the truck, me somewhat exhausted! ( I am a girlie of a certain age which allows me to use this as an excuse, and on this occasion I shall ),but I hope I passed this impromptu physical challenge and await the result.
Back in the truck, off we go to the other end.No jungle sized bracken,phew. Lovely view of a red hind and still spotty calf, and then more and more reds, just great to be able to watch them all.
Meandering our way looking all around on such a lovely evening arrive at a high seat, quick time check as it's getting a tad late and decide to push on rather than have a pew for a while.
How glad am I that we did.
Round the corner spotted a munty doe. Out with the sticks, safety off, wait, wait, thank you.
My first.(Can't smile wide enough)
Happy with the shot.
Gralloch, with some top tips thank you.
Off we pop back to the truck, only a small munty, but heavy enough on a warm evening,( see above excuse).
20 mins home to one happy and proud husband, who has switched the chiller on, 2 dogs who think I taste rather nice. Tidy up the carcass and in the chiller she goes until the morning, and off I go to bed elated if not rather tired.
I like to think in writing this I can portray my appreciation for all the help, guidance and top tips I have received since joining the site and a special thanks to deerstalker308.
Thank you Andy


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Congratulations Jools - I have still got to get my first down have had a couple of very near opportunities. Enjoy the meals !


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Cracking result, and a great write-up. First of many, I hope!

It's a superb thing to be able to provide yourself with meat, and especially such quality meat! Don't have muntjac up here, so it's on my list. I'll get there eventually.

Seriously well done! :) :thumb: