first stalk with Ian Farrington


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Today was my first outing with Ian I must say I had a really good time..

We spent the morning on the range getting my eye in with a very nice scoped 22lr. This was a challange for me as I found out quite quickly that my body does not bend in the way other peoples do. This meant that I found the traditional sitting and kneeling stances using sticks VERY painful.

Ian put his thinking cap on and with a bit of trial and error we worked out a way to sit and kneel that was acceptable to my body and enabled me to hit the target. After Ian was statisfied with me using the 22lr sitting, kneeling and standing, I did some confirmation shots with a .270 and got some nice groups which I was very pleased about.

I must have fired nearly 70 rounds of 22lr and the difference it made in my shooting and conficence was immence. I was really impressed with the way Ian spent the time working with me to achieve the end result, especially how he adapted shooting positions to suit me and kept at it till he was satisfied with my progress.

We then went back for a well deserved coffee and some attention from his 2 lovely spaniels before heading out for an evening stalk. The less said about the stalk the better, the weather was filthy, with gusts of rain and wind and no sight of a fallow or a boar. Not that I blame the critters, I found the weather foul so I cannot blame them for not wanting to play. We had arranged to go out again tomorrow morning but with the weather forcast not being the best we have postponed it for a few days. I must say that I am rather glad, as my knees and back are protesting as I write this and tomorrow I will be as stiff as a board. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could get out of the house at 5.15am for the morning stalk.

Anyway a very big thankyou to Ian for a wonderful day and some great instruction on the range and I can whole heartedly recommend him. I look forward to my next stalk with anticipation and the chance to bag my first deer.




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Thanks for the kind words Matt, & your 1.5" group at 100m was a great result - especially as it was the cumulative result of your sitting/kneeling/standing shoots!

Now we just need to go out on a day when you can see more than 30m, ideally without 25mph winds! :lol:




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Sounds like I need a few lessons from Ian too. That is a very good result from somebody who was finding it very uncomfortable to get into a conventional shooting position. Congrats to both of you. Best of luck for a deer next time.