First Stalk

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No epic but it got the heart going.

Just in my first ever stalk, down in Devon at the family farm for the night so thought I would try for a buck where I often see some roe, along side a forestry commission plantation.

Kitted up and then drove up to the middle of the farm to a spot I could decamp from the pick up and peek over a brow to glass two large grass fields that are short and beside the plantation, about 400m in front I could see 2, possibly 3 roe moving so I started the stalk, following the other side of a bank/hedge, stopping frequently to glass in front, this field is wheat but has a set aside strip around it.

I could also glass over the bank into the field to check the roe where still there, in fact they were slowly working their way out into the middle of a field down into a shallow dip, ideal back stop if I could get close enough to ID a buck.

I carried on until I was level with them, wind in my face the whole way but the light was dropping fast, they were about 150m away from me in the middle of the field and there was little chance getting closer so I very slowly and carefull climbed the fence and got on the far side of the bank to try and leopard crawl in a little closer as I was unsure about 1 of the roe, 1 positive ID as a doe though.

10 mins and now 100 yards and another positive ID, 2 does and I think a fawn on the far hedge. So I simply laid there watching them trying to stop my heart beating.

Once too dark to see much I slowly retreated, and will be back at the crack of dawn tomorrow……fingers crossed!

Now to wait until it is proper dark so I can get the lamp out to look for Charlie!


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Good stuff Jerry mate. Hopefully I will come home from work tomorrow to read about your successful stalk. If not never mind, there will be many more times I'm sure. :D

Good luck. ;)


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Alas it was not to be......well I was up and out the door for 3.45, and on site 5 mins later. (The joys of the farmhouse being nice a and close to the wood).

Carefully walked in close to the spot I wanted be, not a breath of wind. The sky was amazing, deep purple colours that suddenly flipped to pink then brightening up.. with hardly a cloud in the sky.

I settled down on the corner of the plantation to cover two angles but nothing showed for 2 hours other than lots of rabbits, a good few buzzards, a barn owl hunting the open fields, a stoat that came within 3m working the hedge and a half grown fox cub.........oh the temptation!

But no deer showed their face, which may have been compounded by the beef cows in the area discovering me and mooching around far too close and generally getting in the way!!!!

After 2 hours of lying still and getting soaked with dew I decided to get the old bones moving and stalking around the FC boundary , as I stould up to stretch I hear the under growth crashing just inside the plantation about 10m away, it is young spruce, brambles and ferns up to about 6', I suspect it was a roe feeding under cover....typical!

Still, it was a pleasure to be out and about early to see the sun rise and watch nature at it's best!

(And next week I an back down for 6 nights so I get to try again!)
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