First Stalking Trip With My Boy

Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!
This year i felt it was time to take my little lad Keiran on his fist stalking outing up north on two areas where stalk,it was the last week of july and the roe rut should be starting,one area ofground holds red,roe and sika and the other only red,roe.
well we get ready on the sunday its hot dammm hot with a full days driving in front of us,twincab loaded and trailer sorted with the quad.
the little man has all his gear mossy oak jacket and pants hunters and hat.
didn't forget the dog always a good start,north and north again thats the direction m6 tillwe hit the 74 and still north ar well the sun stills shine pushing on to glen coe always reds to be seen here yup theres a small group the little man gets all excited and puts the GAME BOY down, we push on in to fortwilliam time for a big mac,back on the road just past spean bridge to where we are staying all sorted trailer parked up all clobber in time to check zero.
Zero checked the tikka is on as always little man happy time for tea n sleep early rise.
Alarm sounds 3.30 im up and little man is on the go as well oh he is happy with his kit,fed watered and on the go it's 4.00 now still dark nice warm breeze,we are only going a mile at most we arrive at the gate we park up as i decided to walk up the track to the forestry block,the little man sticks with me on my right hand side we get to the gatesthe one on the left goes out on to the open hill ground from this gate we wait for the light to come,it's 4.30 ish and i could glass up the hill the wood has an area of clear fell and i can view part of this no luck with the binos time to walk up the woodland path..
I explain to keiran he needs to stay on my right hand side and close in,when i stop he stops and not forgetting he must watch where he puts his feet no rush,well time to chamber a round in the tikka 695 cal 270.
Of we go close in to the left of the forest road tall trees all around and just a hint of light filltering down on us on we creep twards the clear fell 75 yards to go to the edge time to run over what we will be doing keiran takes the plan on board,I creep to the edge yust inside the treeline keiran is with me on my right and amber my vizsla is sat on my left.
the light is coming up fast and the warm breeze is in our faces what a stunning morning to be out ,i glass the clear fell for what seems an age and nothing, bloody hell i can't belive it well keep looking and hoping Yes Yes a deer 300+ yards off and its a buck im sure????? i point it out to keiran no he can't see the buck i give him the bins but no luck right then what to do the buck is up to the left in the clear fell close to a small stand of 30/40 trees which where left when they felled the area,im watching the buck its not an old buck its a little spiker with not a care in the world as it feeds in the morning sun,I settle keiran and the hound i explain he must watch from here and i will signal for him to come when its time.
The pressure is on now well of i go into the dead ground in front of me out of view from the buck i work my way slowly over brashing and in to the steam im feeling the heat and i don't just mean the sunshine,ive made 50/60 yards now and are nearly out of the dip the route i choose was slightly out to the left but i would be able to get a fix on the bucks last position from the clump of trees,down on my knees creeping up to the top of the ridge i look back with the bins all is well dog sat and kieran is watching me i creep on up the side of a stump so not to show my self the buck is feeding quiet happy head down then up and down again verry good hmmm now the fun will start i need to close in on the buck we no choise in to the drainage channel thank god its not been raining for a while on i go the last 20/30 yards will be on my knees again out of the channel the trees are in sight and i am in line with the buck bloody hard work this hands and knee stuff right im ready on a slight rise i get the tikka ready laid by my side and forward i glass the area where the buck was he is still there but is now feeding in high grasses hmm must wait i put the scope on him no its no good all i can do is wait time ticks on slowly only 4/5 mins in reality,he has moved and all iw well again i can see him clearly in his shiney summer coat a fit spiker out at a good range 150yds the tikka is steady im steady the cross is on his chest Thud the round hits home and the atec calms the tikka,up jumps the buck straight up in the air spins and runs on, Im happy with my shot when he spun i could see the blood on his side typical heart shot reaction.
I signal my boy and hees on the way i go on to find the buck not hard it only ran on 30 yards,amber is right behind me now liking the buck and i can see keiran closing fast what a grin on his face when he finaly arrives swinging his arms round my waist thats my boy proud moment bonding
keiran is over the moon i feel the pressure is off time to sort the buck out amber sits with keiran while i do whats needed the bullet just clipped the top of the heart, a nice 2 year old buck all happy and amber has some tripe to boot as well off we go to the game dealers alls well my boys had an experiance he will remember for ever thats the roe buck first
i posted the picture in the gallery section not sure how to put with this post
amberdog one happy amberdog [/img]


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Thanks for sharing with us. With a young family, stories like this may just help when things get tough! Looks like I am going to start wishing my life away!


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Great story , can't wait to take my boys out with me.
Th eldest one made a rifle out of his Duplo the other day and hold his mum he was going to shoot a venison. Not to bad cosidering he is only 2 1/2!
So I think he is hooked on stalking like his old man.
This is going to be expensive if his younger brother gets the bug
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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