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widows son

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Bandit country : Its about some of that, but your average civvies doesn't have these qualities ,mostly there out for themselves ,
You've got to build team skills, leadership skills etc these people came from all types of jobs, backgrounds and learnt how vital these skill are within a team.
In some cases you've still got the have that eyeballs out syndrome, pains good for the sole ,about you well i have but Ive always been mad with it .
having been both a military and civvi PTI .

translates to Partly Trained Idiot


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I just sat here reading these posts and the pain of the march and shoot started creeping up my legs.
I had trained as hard as I could, time affording. I built up from three to five to six miles. I added weight as I felt able, until I was carrying the regulation 35lbs.
On the day some wally had put some horsing great hills in the way. I slogged around and on the last long pull I was passed by a guy built like a racing snake! He passed a cheery word or two of encouragement as he ran by. (Thar I shall always hate you for that ;) ).
We all finished, some in better fettle than others but we all finished!
Next morning I was stumbling around like I'd shat myself. I felt just fine apart from the fact my ankles refused to articulate. Trapper who brought up the rear on the march found second wind, was skipping around with a bloody video camera. I remember saying "never again", and trust me I meant it. I was in pain for at least a week after the event. I know I wasn't alone, as I spoke to others as the days passed. My pain subsided after about a week, one other guy I spoke to was still suffering a month later (he was far quicker than me on the day though).
My only point is that some of us are destined to be quicker and lighter, or heavier and slower. Training can improve ones potential, but you will never see me built like Thar, we're chalk and cheese.
My Mum told me once I should consider giving up motorbikes as I wouldn't mend so quick, at my age (46). This was after completeing a 24hr endurance trial in temperatures down to -11.(ex army Armstrong 500)
My reply was "it will never be any easier than it is today".
Still ride daily :D .
P.S. Thar you are a star in my book. Not for running round, but for what I saw later. After a quick slurp you were back off to bring your team mates in. Absolute diamond bloke! Character always outweighs physical ability in my book.

Bandit Country

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I'd have felt your pain, if I hadn't been too engrossed with my own! :lol:

"Character always outweighs physical ability in my book"

Gets my vote too!

In the end you can take all sorts of routes to 'getting fit', but when you get on the hill you are as fit as you are going to be. If I was paying for the day I would expect the stalker to make some sort of assessment of my capabilities and adjust the day accordingly?

widows son

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Bandit country: There's only one problem with that the stalker may have the sympathy ,but the Deer there's a whole different concept.

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I don't do much hill stalking, but being in my mid 50's, I use a free gym.

Unfortunately, to keep the wolf from the door, I work in the city on the 11th floor - hate it but it brings in enough cash for me to indulge my passion for shooting! My free gym is every working day, a very brisk 15 mins walk across town from the station to the office (instead of taking the bus), followed by the 11 floors of stairs, going up the steps 2 at a time, with rucksack containing laptop, lunch, and too much junk. Repeat at lunchtime.

Ok it's not an ultimate workout, but me being a Yorkshireman of Scottish descent, it does keep me reasonably fit at virtually zero cost, other than the rest of the office 'city slickers' thinking I'm a nutter as they take the lifts. But then again as they know that I shoot and butcher all sorts of wild (and farm) animals for our table they already regard me as a nutter!

It's also a green thing to do - less electricity being used powering the lifts or escalators or gym lights and machines.

The last time I went hill stalking, we combined that routine with a few good walks up the malvern hills, and as various others have said, if I pace myself reasonably, I'm not gasping for air ,or legs like jelly when I want those cross hairs nice and steady on the beast.

Just my two pennorth!

Best wishes to all for Xmas & New Year



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geoshot said:
As Thar said, if you exercise and keep the muscle tone good they help support weak joints and keep you going. I had early onset arthritis because of the injury and the physio held the opinion that movement helped break down arthritic deposits and keep the surfaces of the joint smoother. Seems to work for me as I haven't had to have a replacement knee yet and I was told I would need one after 10yrs, now I've gone over 15 yrs with not a lot of trouble.
Hi Geoshot

I was given exercises to do by my physio when the arthritis was first diagnosed; to be truthfully I never stuck to them and 18 months latter found myself unable to sleep due to the pain. I stopped running and started going back to the gym, I worked on the leg that was giving me problems. I did one legged squatting using a smiths machine, one legged leg press, the leg extension machine one legged and lunges. I worked out 3 times a week doing legs on Monday and Friday with upper body on Wednesday after 5 months my knee was 95% OK and I dropped the gym and went back running 21/2 years latter I still rate my knee at 95%.

People do make excuses not to do things, saying they have not got the time, here are a few things I have done to keep me doing things when time is short.

Cycle to work, if you live in a city it maybe quicker than using the car, it was when I did it especially on Friday afternoons, too far to cycle then put a cycle rack on the car and drive half way then cycle the rest. (I have drove to the outskirts of Edinburgh then cycled or run across the city to work, again quicker than using the car.) Live too near to work to cycle, then walk at first then run to work.

Most of us have dogs, you have to walk them daily or twice daily instead of walking with them run instead my dog loves to run with me.

I was working away from home in London, I was staying in a hotel and I went for a run after work in a not too plush district. I was the only white face on the street and maybe in part because of my shaven head I ended up have to put the after burns on when I got some abuse from a group of Afro-Caribbean gentlemen. :eek:

The next day I decided that I best find something else to do, so I put a load of water bottles in a rucksack and ran up and down the stairs in the hotel fire escape for an hour, it was 18 floors.

If you want to, you will find away. Excuses are 10 a penny. ;)

Best rgds