fitting picatinny rail to Tikka/sako

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Hi all, I have a small issue with fitting a scope to a long action Tikka. Issue is that the front base (Tikka optilock base) fouls the ejection port and tips the empty back into the action on the ejection stroke.
To further complicate matters the scope is a 34mm tube and has apel rings which sit straight onto the Tikka base so a nice solid setup.
I have 30mm ring mounts which fit a treat and do not foul the port but equally are too small for the scope.

Q can a picatinny rail be fitted to the dovetails of the action without drilling or tapping it (it is a rare one) or does anyone make 34mm ringmounts that will go straight on and therefore solve the problem?

I suppose I could always change the scope to a 30mm tube version but wheres the fun in that?




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Post a few pics of the problem and we'll see if there's an engineering solution, or just a get a new scope solution.


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Funnly enough, I have just tried to take the picatinny rail off my T3 Tact, with no success, it's solid. I was told when I bought the T3 Tact that you can just take the Picatinny rail off and use standard mounts, so to answer your question, yes a picatinny rail will fit your T3, probably need to order it from direct though.

I also have a 34mm tube and had no problems with ejecting cases.

The only problem now though, I need to buy 34mm Sako/Tikka rings to fit onto my Tikka bases as my Apels dont fit, it's a different thread and bolt profile, One is straight the other is tapered, so not interchangable.


Good luck.



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Thanks TJ, sorry should have made it clear: the action is an old M65A sniper so a bit different to the T3 i.e. the length of the front scope mount bed. 300wsm may have the answer with the ringmounts I will enquire and also try and photograph although that will be at the weekend.




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Would i not be possible to mill out the offending area so smooth ejection is attained?

I suppose careful use of a dremel may also do the same job.


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I've considered milling out the area on the base but am stopped by the fact that the area is located where the locking bolt goes through the base.
Back to square one!


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I really don't want to give free publicity in this matter, but I have recently received my Sako 75 back from a certain UK/German Riflesmith, with his own picatinny rail mounted on it.

He is marketing them as far as I know. .... and yes.... its Roedale!

If it helps you resolve the problem, then I am pleased.


Best of Luck



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Jackson Rifles used to sell a one piece mount line bored, machined from billet to fit the tikka/sako L/A rifles they were about £100, I had one on my 695 and it never moved, don't know however if they do one for the 34mm tube..
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