widows son

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If you dont have the tools or the know how ,go to B&Q get a piece of MDF the same size as the cabinet drill the holes for the bolts through the MDF and use the MDF as a spacer for the skirting saves any cutting leaving it intact in case you move home or move the cabinet .

Skirting sizes are usual 18 to 20 mm thats 3/4" to 7/8" in old money.

The Police won't have any problems with that, what they are looking for is you haven't got any gaps, that someone can get a bar in behind to leaver it off the wall .

Use the word KISS keep it simple stupid .

The more complicated a thing is the more likely they will have a second look.


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Thanks WS - I have considered this option, but came up with the possible problem that as the skirting board has a profile, rather than just being square, it hwould leave a gap approx 1/3 of the way up the skirting boardbetween the skirting board and the cabinet, which would leave at least one point at which a potential thief could get a crow bar in.

My solution to this was thinking of buying a big block of wood the same height as the skirting board and putting the safe on top of this so that it could sit flush against the wall above the skirting board.

I've been doing a bit of googling on this subject since I posted the question and on one forum there are a few people who suggest this, and others that claim that they actually have the cabinet a few feet off the floor for easier access (ie guns are at waist height) which obviously gets around the skirting board problem!


PS Rangefinder - I'm also thinking of moving in the near future, which is why i am loathe to cut chunks out of the skirting board if not necessary.

boy blunder

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have a look where they keep the dowl and stuff in a wood yard you might find the oppiste profile to make it stright. i found alsorts of wierd and wonderfull shapes for taking sand moulds off. might find some thing to square the profile of the skirting board

widows son

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To be honest guys my own cabinets sit 2 ,1/2 ft off the floor.

It was one of the things that does my head in having to bend down, to unlock the locks ,lifting weapons in and out is far easier with the cabinets touching the ceiling ,they have been that way for years , no one has ever said a word .

It leaves plenty of room for boots and all the other junk we manage to collect over the years .

What we all must remember is a lock only keeps a honest man out , a gun cabinet will take me no more than 5 Min's to open, no matter what type of lock it has Ingersoll, Master, Chubb the local FEO gave me a visit, when my certificate was to be renewed, I had just came in from a job with a couple of locks ,which i had just opened/changed due to the person losing there keys .

He told me he had just purchased the same type of locks on a new set of doors which had cost him £1200 .00 ,he asked how long it took to open them I showed him, He then wondered just what he had paid for, these were quality locks which offer the same protection as cheap locks

If your cabinets are fixed to the wall , (thats a concrete or brick wall) with rawl bolts or concrete threaded bolts, a crow bar isn't going to pull it off the wall as easy as you may think, and if they can get it off the wall there welcome to it .

These are the type of people that will come to your door when your home and take it .