FL die vs FL bushing die


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Full length bushing die vs Full length die.

Another question, apologies if this has been done. Why use a FL bushing die over a standard FL die. I know they let you choose the neck tension you desire with the correct bush. What's wrong the tension I would get using a stand FL die once it's done it's job resizing? In terms of accuracy am I missing out?

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for normal stalking applications and calibres you don't need one.

On some calibres there is a significant difference in neck thickness between manufacturers meaning you over tension 1 brand and may go way under on others.
My experience was this on the .260 comparing Nosler Customer (thin) vs. Lapua (thick). Significant differences in velocity and accuracy for the same given load from a std die, using a bushing of the appropriate size evens this out.

THere is also a school of thought that says you should have 1-2 thou of tension, many std dies are over this and thus overworking the brass.

Beware, down this road there are lots of rabbit holes...


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When I start it will be my .308 with a 26" 1:10 twist barrel. Mainly for stalking/foxes plus long range steel/varminting. Cheers.