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jimmy milnes

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OK guys I need some help please as my Mrs is blowing her stack saying I've a fetish due to the amount I've bought an binned.
Can anyone give me first hand knowledge of a hard wearing flask that will keep coffee HOT all day. Everyone I try is great at 10 o'clock but tepid by 1500, I still want to burn my lips on it in the truck on the way home after a long day in the field.
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I find our Stanley flask keeps things hot all day but apparently they do a Masters series which is even better. Mine is the green and silver one but the master series is black. I have no first hand experience with these though so would be interested to hear what other people think as well.

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Stanley all day long.

Had mine years.

Key to them is pre heat them with boiling water for 20 mins and whatever you put in it thereafter will be steaming all day. :thumb:
Yep agreed. Boil kettle, fill flask and seal immediately and then boil your kettle again to make your brew. By the time it is ready, the internals will be up to temperature and will then hold that temp all day. Same if you want it to keep liquid or soup cold. Just do the reverse and prepare with iced water.


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ive had more flasks than i can remember throughout my working life and the best by a million miles is the thermos king flask beats everything else hands down ,ive had mine going on 14 years now and whilst the outside looks like its been in a car crash it still keeps everthing red hot all day , as said above pre heating is the key


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Agree with Rabbit, Thermos King flask.
Working outside often in remote areas all day a good flask isn't a luxury it's a necessity.

Have found nothing to mach the Thermos King flask. . I like a coffee to drink on the way home and its still warm enough to allow that.


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another vote for the thermos king! In addition to the normal tall flask I also have the wide neck one which Is great for soups etc... R.S.


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I have numerous, but a Vanco one is the best, and agree need to pre heat before filling. Recently I purchased form Home Sense a completely spill free vacuum flask for coffee/tea. Its brilliant as you can just leave/take it anywhere and it wont spill. Keeps liquids very hot. Great when you need a hot drink on stalking/fishing trips and indispensible on long road trips.



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I have a "GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Flask 1L Vacuum" that is very good and keeps hot.

It also has a proper screw thread, pour threw and captive stopper, rather than a crappy push-button one that you can't clean and leaks.


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I had, or still have unless someone confused their flask that they didn't have with it, a green Stanley. If I couldn't find it I'd not cry. They were never that good. Just better than having a glass one that broke. Pre-heating a Stanley is/was the thing. And store it with the top placed on but not at all screwed with a sugar lump inside the flask. But in truth the glass ones store stuff better and hotter for longer.


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The pre-heating only has to warm the lining material, so swirling around 100˚C boiling water a few times would get the lining up to a higher temperature than just one fill left in for a long time. The liner and the water just balance temperature each time and there is not much mass in the liner.

The vacuum insulation can only slow the cooling with any of them. Perhaps for the piping hot drink on the journey home, one of those 12 volt kettle/mug elements would be the best.

The other factor is volume to surface area heat loss...the larger the flask the longer the heat retention, given equal insulation. When beating I make up a large flask and keep that in the wagon and top up one of the insulated mugs which is small enough for a pocket.

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Thermos Ultimate series. Expensive as flasks go, but beat the Stanley hands down, and volume, for volume, are a fraction of the size.
Yep, the best out there for heat retention and slim form factor. The 900ml one for all day and the 500ml version for a morning or evening outing.

The Thermos spec sheets show these as being top of the range with 24 hour heat retention - others such as the King series are only good for 18 hours.
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