Flask recommendations please


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Poxy keyboard. Let's try again.
Have a Stanley food flask and the lining fell out of the mug almost immediately.
Thermos Kings are OK but the stoppers disintegrate and then they won't seal.
Try this:

Contigo Thermal Travel Mug: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors

Bought a 740ml version of the above from Tesco for £20. So far it's excellent. Haven't tried it for 30 hours but it definitely stays hot for 24 and it's a neat and well made design. May go and buy a second one as 740 is a bit small for me. Otherwise, for the price, I recommend the 1200ml. I'd get one except I don't do Amazon..


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I really rate Sig flasks, they don’t do well in the dishwasher, but keep coffee warm for near on 16-18 Hrs if pre-heated.

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Yep, the best out there for heat retention and slim form factor. The 900ml one for all day and the 500ml version for a morning or evening outing.

The Thermos spec sheets show these as being top of the range with 24 hour heat retention - others such as the King series are only good for 18 hours.
I’ve a couple of Primus ones. I’ve no reason to use anything else they are brilliant. Irrespective of make all I’ll say is you get what you pay for in my humble opinion.

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Mr bought me two cheap thermos flasks from Aldi or Lidl, the small one is rubbish and is pretty cool after a couple hours, the big one is excellent.
I pre heated it the first night at 6pm as I like to give a new one a good soak. I went to empty it 7am next morning and scalded my hand thinking it would be cool or cold by then. Still plenty warm enough to drink the following day if I don’t drink it all