Flobert 6 mm parlour pistol


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Is a Flobert 6mm parlour pistol section 5 or 58.It has a hole drilled in the top of the chamber and the barrel is blocked.I have read that these were sold back in the day as blank firearms or dog scarers for postmen and delivery people


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Have you looked in the relevant section of the Home Office guidance to police document.
Are you sure of the cartridge chambering the hole in the top of the chamber couldn't be for a pinfire could it?

I think the pistols you may be referring to were called velo-dog or velo-chien pistols and were sold at the time that bicycles were becoming popular and it was common for cyclists to be chased by dogs.
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Got you. sorry can't help but the port on top of the Rohm is definitely the gas escape.
Could be a de-ac to old spec?


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No. Mate single shot with German proof marks and about a 10 inch barrel and nickel.plated with wood grips
So a proper parlour pistol and not a velo-dog then. It sounds like it may have been deactivated but whether this was done to an acceptable standard or not is the question.