Flower of Scotland tops SFA anthem poll


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Once did a Boar trip to France and had a mad man singing it most of the way there and back.....must say,its quite a catchy tune!!!


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After last September's embarrassing outcome regarding the Referendum I'd personally prefer it if Flower of Scotland was relegated


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Oh no !.

Hate it.

A dirge predicated on a conflict with another country centuries ago, what's to like?
At least "Caledonia" is in this era.

BBC News - Flower of Scotland tops SFA anthem poll

verse 6 of the britsh ( get me a bucket) national anthem

lord grant that marshal wade
that by thy mighty aid
victory bring
may he sedition hush
and like a torrent rush
rebellious scots to crush
god save the queen

thats fightin talk lol


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I couldn't care less about it now, to be honest. The only country in history to ever turn Independence down..........??? Bloody laughing stock. I was never ashamed of my fellow Scot until that day. Now, Flower of Scotland just makes me shake my head in contempt........