Flying with firearms - Charges

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As I was booking my trip to S.Africa with Bos en Dal Safaris, (Great time, Thanks), I chose to use British Airways to avoid any problems with my rifle.
That's where it went wrong.
The ammo must be separate, and lockable, from the rifle, because of this only the rifle counts as luggage
There is a handling charge (£50) for each piece, each way. That's £200 for one rifle.
A flight which should cost just over £700, works out nearer £1000!!!

I'm told South Africa Airlines don't charge for firearms.
What experiences have other people had with Airlines, Firearms, and Charges?

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Never fly B.A. at least Dick Turpin wore a mask. I have flown with firearms with Lot, Easyjet, Norwegian, and South African. Never a problem, B.A. would learn alot from them but I suspect that they dont wont the hasle of firearms.


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If only they were all as good as easyjet
I'm just back from SA with Air France, first and last time, even without the gun case and ammo issues


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So lets make it quite clear DO NOT FLY AIR FRANCE. Maybe their customer care team will pick up on this - which they certainly would it was on facebook - and take note.
Yes, Virgin were/are very good, but last time were actually quite expensive. Next time I think I'll easyjet to London and then take SAA.
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Be aware that if you fly into SA with virgin or a by other carrier and you require an internal flight you will need to book the internal flight with SAA as they are the only carrier allowed to transport firearms internally. Also if you fly SAA they will carry one gun free up to 23kg as sporting equipment. Take 2 or more guns and you will be charged excess baggage regardless of weight.

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Virgin don't charge and their service is good, I hunt abroad a lot and make several trips a year and my favourite airline is BA. If you are spending £15k on a hunting trip the £200 pales into insignificance. For Southern Africa Virgin every time.
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