Flying with Firearms

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Claire M

As there has been much discussion on this site recently about travelling with firearms, especially with BA. Thought I would share my recent experience.

Self and Mr M have had a few days hunting in the Czech Republic and we took our rifles a 243 and a 308.

We flew with BA via Heathrow T5. Were we asking for trouble or what.

Well it all went without a hitch. We gave ourselves loads of time (about 3 hours) to check at T5, I expected at least an hour in a queue based on T4 on a Saturday. Monday at 6am there was no queue at all. BA staff checked us in once they found someone who knew how (there are 100s of staff employed at Heathrow and few people fly with firearms). A security guy dealt with the paperwork etc after that. Our flight was on time but we still had over 2 hours to kill as the process was not that long so we had breakfast at Heathrow. The biggest delay was getting ourselves through normal passenger security!

At the other end in Prague our suitcase with the ammo was first out on the carosel and the rifle came through outsize luggage. We then waited (but not too long) at the baggage in enquiry desk for the Czech Police to check the serial numbers. We were through the airport in time for lunch!

Coming back was a similar experience very smooth no problems.

We had made sure that at every step we had our paperwork to hand that is EU FP, FAC, normal passport, booking info, and invitation to shoot and we had keys handy to unlock the cases whenever required. We tried to be polite, calm and willing to help (pointing out serial numbers if necessary etc) but we need not have worried, everyone we dealt with was pleasant, polite and professional.

So would definitely do it again especially as we had some great hunting over there but that is another story.

Claire M


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Glad you had trouble free experience with BA Claire M plus good hunting in the Czech Republic.
I hunted Roe buck in Poland in May this year and like you flew BA direct but from Gatwick and had no grief with firearm this end or Poland both ways.
I shot a nice old warrior Mouflon in Poland in January 07, and would like to hunt them again in the Czech Republic.
A couple of questions if you dont mind:
What did you two hunt?
Did you hunt or even see Mouflon, and can you recommend a PH/Outfitter if you used either.
I have a good hunting friend in Warsaw so that makes it easy for me over there.
Any help much appreciated



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I travel with my rifle two or three times a year. I have been to the Czech Rep twice with no difficulties.

I was through Gatwick with the rifle as recently as last weekend. As you say, once they get the right secruity guy to do the paperwork, it is straightforward.

I always aim to be at the airport a minimum of 2 hours before flight time.

Claire M

The quick answer to your question Max is yes.

We took a good mouflon each and saw plenty of others. Mr M found a good sized ram within about half an hour of starting his first stalk to his guide's astonishment, but then he always was jammy blighter. Mine took 3 stalks to find a good ram presenting a sensible shot, as a novice I am very cautious about the shots I take. Mr M also took a nice red stag with a 200m shot after a tricky and exciting stalk because the wild boar (his first choice) were not playing ball.

The trip was organised through Shooting Enterprises who also operate in Slovakia. The company is has web site, it is registered in the UK and the main contact is Eva Dykova.

I will probably be posting a more detailed report and a pic or 2 shortly. What is Poland like for boar? It sounds like you have had some good trips with Mouflon and Roe.

Claire M


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Thanks for the feedback, you two had some great hunting by the sounds of it.
Look forward to when you post your pics.
Poland is good for me because my hunting buddy belongs to a hunting circle and he sorts everything for me. All I have to do is pay and hunt, good and lucky deal eh!
I met him 3 years ago when I took him out for CWD as a favour for a friend.
He shot a nice buck and bonus cull female that had tusks also, not so common that and he went home well pleased.
The boar are good in Poland as im sure they are elsewhere and the cost to me at the time (07) was 70 euro's each, I dont know if thats a good deal or not.
That was my first experience on boar and neeless to say I did not get one,
did'nt realise the buggers were that quick.
By the time the dogs had pushed them through to me and I had sight of them it was all over, I was pointing the fifle at thin air and there they were gone. Need to sharpen up my act where Mr boar is concerned.
Shot 3 roe bucks over there this May and am pretty sure two of them are medal but need to get them mesured.
Will get in touch with the people you used and see what happens.
Thanks again



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Flown to Czech Republic twice with firearms to take part in competitions over there.

Flew with Czech Airlines both times - excellent service at each end and in flight. No issues with weapons or ammo - however we (a party of 4) all got hit with excess baggage on the return journey to the value of £200 each....the kit weighed less on the return than outward!

Also driven to Slovakia with firearms for another comp, 27 hrs in a minibus with 7 others was no picnic, fly every time ;)

(some of the guys from Romania drove for two days!!!!)

Would consider flying to Germany and renting car / driving from there also.

Claire M


I am sure that somebody will say that that they can get wild boar shooting cheaper, but that sounds like a really good deal to me! Did you find that the mouflon are bit tricky because like Munties they don't keep still at any time and present a nice clear shot. Not just that but some of the big lone rams move really fast.

Even if the roe bucks are not quite medal class I bet they will still be lovely trophies to have if they are that close. Mr M has a nice Sika trophy that is only just (about 1 point) shy of a medal but it is a really good looker as it is nicely balanced and the points are well defined.


27 hours in a minibus, I don't fancy that I agree fly every time.

Interestingly enough flying with BA we did not get hit with excess baggage charges at all due to the sporting goods policy, unfortunately I think it is changing so we will get charged next year.

Claire M


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I guess the boar are that price because its through Roberts hunting circle,
what the normal rate is I have no idea.
Like you I found the mouflon on the move all the time.
I was seeing only females for two days on the trot and was begining to wonder if I would see a ram let alone get to shoot one.
Third and last day out we saw nothing at all in the morning, my guide said we would try one more place later but I had just about given up hope.
We drove out in the afternoon through a wood onto a big area of grassland and about 500 yards ahead were a group females and a ram, my ram as it turned out.
The guide drove a little closer which I did not want as it would almost have been a drive by and the vehicle was making them spooky.
I got out and set up on the bonnet of the land rover, ranged him at 230 yards then dropped him to the shot.
Not a memorable stalk by any means, but being a 9 year old warrior with chunks out of his horn and both tips broken off made him a wonderfull trophy for me.
I shot both roe with my 257 ackley.
One was from a high seat at 265 yards and dropped to the shot,
the other was a nice long stalk over wide open wet scrub land and how he didn't suss me I will never now.
My heart was pumping like crazy through excitement (not quite buck fever) and I thought I was making as much noise as a herd of cattle but got him at 35 yards. That WAS a memorable stalk.
If they are medal great if not, like Mr M's sika still great trophy's. Right place right time
Cannot find your outfitter on the web, any help there please?


What type of comps :confused:


Claire M


Try this web site address, I am not clever enough to do a link.

I was trying to write the story and post a picture, but due to technical problems, i.e. I'm useless at this sort of thing, I'll have to try again later.



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Not on your own there thats for sure

Thanks again for your help


Thanks for the reply, sounds VERY interesting