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Wanted: folding down dog cage with tray


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Hi everyone,Im getting a new pup soon and im wanting a cage to house it in.it must be in good condition and fold down flat,Durham/Northeast east area only.....cash waiting...Atb John.


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My keeper pal got a cracking black cage with drinking bowl off Ebay for "not a lot of money"...


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A couple of years ago I bought one for the house, one for the car and one for work, with stainless bowls and vet bedding included they were less than 30 pounds each delivered. There was a company from over East Anglia way that has many ebay identities and various web sites, the crates were all the same.

Found the label on one...


I had the silver ones which are zinc plated, I don't know if the black ones were paint onto zinc or untreated steel. Plating has held up fine.

The little hinge clips for the folding down made it a bit rattly in the car but a couple of bungies over the hinge tubes sorts that...

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Hi Guys,thanks for all the feedback and offers,Im sorted,new pup comes next weekend,fun and games
Atb John.