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My old food processor finally hit the bucket today, after about 20 years of use. It's now time for a new one! I'm prepared to spend a fair bit for a piece of quality equipment that should last for years. Any recommendations? If possible (and I'm not sure that it is) I'd like something that can blitz food and also mix ingredients (such as cake mixture). If there's anything out there with a sausage stuffer add-on that would be handy too.
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I use a bamix stick blender for pretty much everything. You can get a smallish food processor attachment for the bottom as a package when you purchase. It's probably the only thing I couldn't live without. Might suit your needs?


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Don't know how industrial or otherwise you want to go, but recently (okay a year ago) the processor we had bit the dust and that was a wedding present from 1978. To replace it we got a Kenwood Chef. I was pretty surprised with it really. It mixes cakes, bread, whatever with ease. There's an attachment (sold separately unfortunately) that I got that will mince and stuff sausages. There's also an attachment that's a blitzer, which was part of the package. Haven't tried the stuffer but it minces and blitzes as good as anything. I'm well happy with it. I guess that there's a reason for it being consistently amongst the best sellers, so if that fits the bill, they're worth a look.