foot and mouth

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If any one hears of any restrictions on stalking/culling...this is a fab place to pass them on. Spoke to Forestry Commision this morning...all a bit soon.
I just got off the phone to DEFRA, they said contact your local animal health division. They said "once a deer is shot it is classed the same as fallen stock, so no you can not move the carcass.
DEFRA said anybody requesting details of their local animal health division, ring DEFRA on their helpline 08459335577 & they will give you the no. of the local office.
By the way I'm in Gloucestershire.


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Hi All
terrible news about the F&M, just got off the phone with Defra not aloud to transport deer alive or dead :(


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That bollocks up this evening :cry:

Quotesd off the Defra Website

"Foot and Mouth Disease confirmed in cattle, in Surrey
Following an investigation of suspected vesicular disease by Animal Health on a holding near Guildford in Surrey, laboratory results have this evening indicated that the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) virus is present in samples from cattle on the premises.

On the basis of the initial laboratory results Debby Reynolds, UK Chief Veterinary Officer has confirmed Foot and Mouth Disease. In accordance with the legislation and contingency planning arrangements all the cattle on the premises will be culled. A Protection Zone of three kilometres radius and a Surveillance Zone of 10 kilometres has been placed around the premises, and a GB wide national movement ban of all ruminants and pigs has been imposed.

Nationally no animal movements are allowed except under licence, controls are in place on movement of animal carcasses, animal gatherings, shearing and dipping are restricted, and all farms must increase levels of biosecurity. In both the Protection and Surveillance Zones, there will be requirements for increased levels of biosecurity on farms, movement controls, controls on transportation of dung/manure and treatment of animal products to ensure destruction of the FMD virus.

The farm itself has been under restrictions since late on Thursday evening when symptoms were reported to the local Animal Health office. A 1km temporary restriction zone was placed around the premises earlier today whilst investigations and testing were completed, in line with domestic and EU legislation.

The European Commission has been informed.

Notes to editors
1. Advice from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) is that foot and mouth disease is not a direct public health threat. The Food Standards Agency considers that foot and mouth disease has no implications for the human food chain.

2. FMD is a disease of cattle and very few human cases have ever been recorded even though the disease is endemic in animals in many parts of the world including Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Foot and mouth disease only crosses the species barrier from cattle to human with very great difficulty. The last human case reported in Britain occurred in 1966. The disease in humans, in the very rare cases that have occurred, is mild, short-lived and requires no medical treatment.

3. The movement of animals, animal products, feed and bedding in the zones will be prohibited, except under license. Products from animals in these zones will be subject to treatment to ensure destruction of the FMD virus. This is an animal health measure rather than a public health measure. Such treatments include the pasteurisation of milk (normal process for most milk produced in the UK), heat treatment or de-boning and maturation of meat in certain circumstances.

4. The exact details on the measures that apply in Protection and Surveillance Zones can be found on the Defra website at:

5. Export health certificates for animals and animal products will be withdrawn. Exports from GB of susceptible animals during the risk period will be identified and notified to the importing countries. "

Get out and shoot some charlies. The cubs of this year seem to be moving in on vacant patches now. And you haven't got to get your hands dirty.


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I heard the news from a farmer, after a most successful stalk with Malcolm in the old Saxon county of Sussex.
My sincere and heart felt support for the farming community. I worked hard and long to help the farmers in the 2001 outbreak. I hope that the Great British public are more supportive this time! I don't think they will be but we can hope.
According to the the political wing of the Labour Party, the BBC we will have learnt from our mistakes and there will be no problem.
Yeah right!
The troops are away fighting, who else will sort out the problem!
Blue Tongue Disease is on its way too!

Doomed! We are all doomed!

Rob Mac

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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

I note with interest that neither the BDS or BASC mentions F&M in their NEWS sections - and it's now Monday afternoon.




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Have DEFRA learned anything from the 2001 outbreak?
I think not. the Carcasses have been transported by road, in unsealed trucks to Frome to an incinerater. How's that for controlling an airbourne disease?



This information has just appeared on the BASC site - better late than never.

Restricted Zone - All the of UK

All shooting and game management activities may continue as normal except for the shooting of deer.

In the case of the shooting of deer parties of no more than the sum of the occupier of the land, members of his household, persons employed by him as beaters and no more than three people may shoot deer.

Once a deer is culled it must remain on the premises and may not be moved.

Trophies: Whilst there are no specific controls on game trophies within the Restricted Zone we would strongly recommend that they are processed in the same way as for the protection and surveillance zones if they are to leave the premises on which they were shot.

Feral Boar and goats: There is no prohibition on moving the carcasses of feral boar or goats in the restriction zone.

Let's hope they get this sorted and if the link to the research facilities is proved that somone is taken to the gallows!



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Well the Government are still going to build on flood plains, maybe they think that by 'accidently' infecting farms on the route to the incinerator; they may put some more farmers out of business. That way even more land for building!
I know it sounds far fetched but, if ten years ago we could have seen what was going to happen in this country today; wouldn't we have thought, 'Na that would never happen'? :cry:


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F&M update in Scotland

This quote is from the BBC web site today.
"Restrictions on livestock movements imposed after the foot-and-mouth outbreak could be relaxed in Scotland before the end of the week.
Environment secretary Richard Lochhead said subject to expert advice he was prepared to allow animals to be taken for slaughter as early as Wednesday".



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I notice that so far there are no restrictions on ramblers walking all over the restricted zone!
Its all wrong, again! :cry:
Some of the farmers I know in Warwickshire are putting out the antiseptic foot baths already.


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As a member of the BDS, I have to admit I am disapointed in their apparent lack of interest about F&M, it should have been on their website straight away. Black mark.

Full marks to you Rob for bringing it to our attention that is what this site is all about, well done.
Lets hope Ladies and Gentlmen that there are no more reported cases other than the two already reported, not just for us as stalkers, but for all farmers and the countryside in general, it must be heartbreaking to see your prime stock slaughtered. One day this labour lot will wake up and smell the roses, and start to see that the well being and health of the British countryside is of paramount importance to the welfare and economy of Great Britain. But I would'nt hold your breath if I were you.


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With regards to Steves' post on Monday,

I've just spoken to DEFRA in worcester and the only thing allowed to be moved is horses, there is still an outright ban on moving anything that is cloven hooved including boar, feral or not, dead or alive.



Just heard on the news that they are lifting the livestock movement ban for any one outside the exclusion zone.


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As of tomorrow restrictions re. carcass removal are relaxed; leastways dead farm stock so assumedly dead deer too.


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Good news as the farmer has just removed the wheat and oats so I can see the deer now. :D

Rob Mac

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I've just spoken to DEFRA about the lifting of the ban.

They couldn't confirm the lifting of the ban also applied to moving culled deer. She suggested that I gave my local Animal Health Office a call - they're closed!

The recorded message gave me the number of the duty vet to call if I needed to tell them about a notifyable disease, but I guess he/she won't know more than DEFRA at the moment.

Not sure what's going on.....?