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Hi all,
I've loaned out my DSC1 book of words, so I can't check this out. Can anyone tell me the score on crossing footpaths with a firearm? Do the same laws as for roads apply? Should the weapon be sleeved each and every time I cross a footpath, or can it be carried openly?
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Hi Mark,

As far as I know you can even shoot across a footpath as long as you don't cause a nuisance (or injure anybody!)
I wouldn't recommend it though!

I would sleeve my rifle if there was anyone in the vicinity ( I always sleeve up when crossing a road or even a quiet lane,just in case someone comes round the corner) but if I was in an area with very few people about I would cross the footpath with my rifle unsleeved.

This is just my opinion,if you want to be totally sure contact BASC

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I think it's discharging they get excited about more than carrying...was it no discharging a firearm within 50' of the centre of the road if it's likely to cause a nuisance, or some such.
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