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I read on another thread where someone mentioned MOA and said "whatever that is" then explained all within an inch at 100 yards. Now it was TJ that said it, and he said it all very much tongue in cheek. He knows fine what it means and how it is arrived at but it made me think. How many people use this term and do not know how it was arrived at? Well, This will explain it and there is even an explanation of Mil Dot thrown in for free. It all comes back to an inch at 100 yards though :D



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JAYB said:
"He knows fine what it means and how it is arrived at"

Casting Aspersions, :eek:

What do you take me for!! :mad:

Good Read JAYB, I have the Mil Dot Reticule on my PM2, a gift if using at distance, bit wasted on Stalking though, athough, shooting deer at 1000m it could be useful. ;)

I won't even go there, never have and never will do it!!!!! Before the argument starts AGAIN.

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