Ford Ranger Wildtrack Electrics


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Has anyone experienced this or advise on this electrics problem? There is a constant 2 amp drain on the battery according to my garage and the main agent agrees but says it is a little less than that but still 3 times what it should be. Computer analysis cannot id it. Vehicle computers have all been loaded with latest versions of software but that didn't help. The main agent has been working on it for 9 days so far, (thank god its under warranty) and still cannot find the fault that's draining the battery. They are now trying to visually trace wiring and have called for a fleet engineer to help. There is nothing fitted eg a Tracker, that could cause this.
Has anyone had a similar problem in the past???

Can anyone advise on the legality of this pickup being "unfit for purpose". I have had it for 1 year, bought second hand from this same main agent, Bristol Street Motors. It is a Series 5 Ford on a 14 plate.

I am getting a bit annoyed at their inability to repair it or supply an equivalent loan vehicle!

Cheers Jerry :banghead:


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There's only one way to find it buddy and that's disconnect everything one by one. I'd start with alternator, then interior lights circuit (door switched notorious for it) then radio etc. All these have a constant unswitched live, and that's where to start.
Should be easy enough to track down by pulling fuses, assuming that doesn't fry anything being a new vehicle.

You're only in Dudley so if need be try auto electrics near shell corner in blackheath, they're quite good and reasonable. main dealer may ok it and they pick the tab up.


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I have a 15 plate Ranger, have they checked the 12 volt socket in the load bed? It could be wet or corroded.