Forestry Deer Stalking/Licences


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In recent times the FC have revised their stalking leases now making them a licence/control scheme.
Does anyone know whether it's only new applicants who have to have DSC level 2 etc or does this apply across the board.
The reason I ask is that BASC, the St Hubert Club and perhaps one or two more clubs have seemingly different arrangements. I don't believe that all the stalkers who stalk in the foregoing clubs have level 2. Should this not apply to everyone stalking FC ground if it is written in some of the new licences that we are allowed to apply for?


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as far as i was aware it is level 1 but accompanied by a level 2 holder in the syndicate but you must complete level 2 in this year as you will not be elligable the following year. some syndicate captains only want level 2 as its restricting on all parties to have a level 1 holder.
I pressumed this was the case for all ground, atb wayne


All new Deer control licences with English Forestry commission require DSC2.
This is a departure from last year where you could have a DSC1 and be working towards DSC2. Now all controllers on licence have to have DSC2 before they can shoot.


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Both this year and last year FC England required level 2 for both license holder and any controllers as i understand it.


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All this seems to lead back to my original posting. Do all BASC and St Hubert Club members have level 2? I don't think so. If not, how are they able to stalk on land leased from the FC? Is this some sort of special arrangement which doesn't apply to the rest of the public.


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You have to have level 1to go on the basic land which in turn has a resident stalker qualified to level 2so you would be covered with the basic FC lease