Forestry England requirements


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Having a search through old posts it seems that FE will be lookin for £100 per cull animal in a bid? Does anyone know if this still the case? Also, will the BASC Public Liability insurance that we get from being a member cover FE's insurance need?


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You are correct that the guide price has historically been around the £100 per cull animal. However, as the number of leases attracts a larger number of interested parties, what we are up against these days are groups who will offer sometimes significantly more than that to obtain shooting. As always, it comes down to how much it is worth it for you or your group.
FE and FLS also use a weighted scoring system to assess tenders, only one element of which is price, so it is not necessarily the be all and end all. Qualifications, experience, equipment etc are all taken into account during the tender process
BASC insurance is most certainly accepted though.


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Dog walkers , Ramblers, joggers, mountain bikers, families on a Sunday afternoon stroll ( all of whom usually IME, Trespass ) should call plod before they go so as not to disturb law abiding individuals pursuing their chosen (licensed) activity
yes worth checking as to what the forest is used for and the regular dog walkers, drag hunts , mountain bike, scramblers ,rallies ,fishermen ,picnickers and funny messages in bottles.:rolleyes:

can make about £100 from a roe buck or doe Roughly ,
£24 a kilo for loin fillet down to £9 a kilo for casserole.
wow thats good Tom, I give all mine away.
Level 1, level 2, EFAW+F, risk assessment, monthly cull returns plus money. It’s not cheap stalking.
Rob don`t forget the shooting test.

Also its their cull figure not a realistic achievable cull sometimes..

Having said that there are still some good forests if you want to jump through the hurdles
Some of the pros have it to a fine art in obtaining Forestry Leases There`s a real technique to it.

Basc insurance covers it for yourself.


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£100 per cull is a guide but the last time there were a round of lease in Scotland I believe some were a good bit less in "difficult" locations.

BASC or similar will be fine


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That which I noticed the other day is that the FE refer to deer as"pests" in their latest round of offerings. Last time I noticed we shoot deer originally under the Game Acts then since 1959, in mainland Britain, under a series of Deer Acts north and south of the border, and we produce Game Meat under the directive. Reference to them as pests is just plain wrong on every level. I have long accepted the need for management, not just to reduce forestry and agricultural damage but, to try to have an environmental and bio-diversity benefit in the form of a shrub layer for invertebrates and small birds. The "conservationists" appear to have won the language battle.
I have long preached that there is a modern form of "mortmain" - (literally dead hand) originally of the church; now we have a modern form where in E&W the various county trusts for nature conservation want to "leave it to nature" and spend nothing on either habitat or species conservation and management. Traditional estate management involved work on both and we abandon these accepted practices at our peril without very wide-ranging thought a story the consequences. Eg It used to be a practice to get roadstone "shiller" from rivers to use as hardcore on unsurfaced roads but they took it also in order to deepen river channels to avoid flooding. The Environment Agency proscribes the practice without local licence and flooding results; similarly with riverside vegetation being regularly pollarded or pruned to extend its life rather than to fall and block the watercourse. Landowners did not develop, and spend money unnecessarily on, practices that were not sustainable. They preferred to spend their money on horses and women if possible. So would I.
Rant over.