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Don't know if I have posted this in the right place, I am thinking of changing my tikka T3 lite stock to one from here form custom stock
What I want to know will it affect the accuracy as it is very good now thanks in advance


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I changed my Mcmillan A5 stock to one from Form Riflestocks, which after bedding is just as accurate as it was before (it was accurate prior to new stock).
I would suggest providing the new stock fits/suits you and is well bedded, then you should suffer no loss of accuracy......mine however is just as accurate as before but is now lighter and much more comfortable........had good service from Form as well.
Regards, Rob.

Tom D

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I got a form for my 7-08, I really like it, I haven't bedded it, its just as accurate as it was before, which is pretty good. I did have to do a tiny bit of sanding at the knox end of the barrel channel just to get it properly floated. I'd highly recommend them.


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What's the best way to bed a stock as just bought a form custom stock as never done it before
Probably get a ‘smith to do it.
I have done my own rifles but it is not a job to be taken lightly.
My latest rifle is in a stock damaged by someone getting the bedding job wrong and gluing it in.
If you’re set on doing it yourself. Make damn sure you don’t miss with the release agent or leave any parts on which will get stuck.


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Can anyone tell me if a Tikka T3x stock will fit a Tikka T3 lite as the one I am thinking of buying is second hand and is on a Tikka T3x both. 243