Forrest foam bore cleaner


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Someone at the range was recommending Wipe Out too. Is it available to buy online anywhere?




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Sorry guys, not anymore am I the importer, I sold the business to John Carmichael @ HPS rifles in Glos..
I'm sure he will supply your needs if need be..



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I bought a tin of Wipe out on Tuesday. I decided to give it a test. On the tin it says to try it on a clean rifle to see how much copper is still in it.
I cleaned the 6.5 with Butches bore shine until the Patches came out clean, i followed the instructions on the wipe out tin and left it for an hour.
The first couple of patches were slightly blue, indicating some copper remaining.
Next i sprayed the .17 with it and left it an hour, patched it out then tried a wet patch with BBS. no more copper was removed.
i did the 223 as well but this time i cut the finger out of a rubber glove and secured it over the crown with a rubber band to stop the foam squirting across the room. a couple of dry patches and they were coming out clean, so I re filled it with foam and left it an hour again. when i patched it the patch was clean straight off.

Personally I thought the wipeout was very good. reducing the amount of passes with the rod will obviously reduce any wear to the crown caused by excessive cleaning.
I will stick with it for now.