Forthcoming Roe Doe Season

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Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new to stalking having completed an introductory course with Jon Snowdon last October and my DSC1 with him in Feb this year.

I have about 800 acres of land to shoot over with a number of Roe Deer, which I have usuccessfully been targeting this year!!

As my first Doe season approaches has anyone got any pointers in terms of how I should approach each stalk and what will the situation be regarding dependant young etc.




Most of the ground work should have been done by now and an idea of what you want to remove with regards your cull plan. I my self have got a level head of deer and they will only need a light culling on the does . I will remove any older does that have only managed to bring through one kid any that are looking in pour nick will be removed and i will also make up a good many of the cull with the kids after the Christmas period and will make up most with bucks.
If you want to bring the number down then you will need to hit the does hard trying to make it a clean kill on the dependant kids . If you want to up the numbers then any of the good does with good kids should be left and the removal of only pour quality is what will be needed.
Good luck and its only a few days to the start will be nice to be out amongst them again. Roe deer are with out doubt my favourite. ;)


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snowstorm said:
Jon Snowdon? Whereabouts are you, Stu? Up north with the rest of us?

Is that the guy out near Hexham?

It seems there's a few people from these parts on here!



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top tips

It might be worth going out with one of the guys from here and seeing how you get on with them, they might show you some very useful stuff that will turn your success rate round.

the first two years of my stalking life were quite dificult and i shot very few animals. then all of a sudden i started to see and shoot deer much more regularly.

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