Forum Stalking Ground?

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Pete E

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JAB and SikaMalc have both mentioned wanting to assist new stalkers, so I wonder if a "Forum Lease" on a bit of suitable ground would be possible??

I see a large block of land, hopefully somewhere central, with a static caravan in place.

Novices would book in for a stalk/training with JAB or SikaMalc and would then be taken out by some of the more experienced posters on here on a volunteer basis..

Depending of the species on the ground and other circumstances, the ground could also be used for other types of training, such as simulated stalks ect.

The whole thing would be run on a "expense's" only basis to keep the cost for the novice as cheap as possible.

The start up costs would need to be gathered ahead of time as its unfair to expect just one or two people to cover that out of their own pocket.

Perhaps it could even be established as a charitable training foundation to get the benefits of charitable status?

Any thoughts?


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Hi Pete, yes this is something that we have discussed in the recent past amongst the three of us, and maybe in the future might be possible, although it would take a considerable cost to set it up, and time, not to mention finding an appropriate lease.

At the moment we have a few other prob's to sort out, but by all means look around for us and keep it in mind, your help is greatly appreciated. There have been a number of members of this site who have offered free stalking to those who have not got access to land or only a small portion of land, and up to now I have heard many good reports back. I sincerely hope this carries on, it shows the quality and generosity of our membership and as I have said before there are not many sites if any that offer this.

Bandit Country

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I reckon it is a great idea and entirely in keeping with the ethos of this site. Obviously there is other background 'stuff' going on at the moment, but it is a challenging goal worthy of serious consideration.

Pete E

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I wonder if we could get say 40 people to pledge an interest by saying that they would stake £100 towards setting such a scheme up??

So depending on the fine detail, who would be willing to stake a £100 to get a such a scheme up and running?

It would be on the understanding that if after a reasonable time no ground was found, all monies collected would be returned in full...

I'd put in a £100...

Anyone else? Purely as an expression of interest, nothing firm at this stage..


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I would be in at that kind of price just to learn more myself
as well as others / youngsters

So thats a yes from me



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Now we are back on track and all going in the same direction. You are right BC its a worthy challenge and it is one we have discussed before as Malcolm has said, and one we will face. At the minute though there are one or two minor logistical hurdles to overcome, but we are getting there. The on site co-operation between members though is very heartening, stalking is being offered and accepted all the time, and only within the last few weeks legaleagle got his first buck courtesy of Stone. So it can work, it does work and will continue to do so.

Experience extending it's hand to the novice, and that is all that Malcolm and I wish for really.

I shall now go and drink a lot of whisky, I have had a busy day.



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I like the idea of this, but I think it could be a Legal nightmare....Ground Access being one, who has more right to book at the height of the Buck season, Height of the Stag/Buck season, everyone would be trying to get access at the prime times I think.

Maby we could look into getting a Stalking Directory Policy in place along with Insurance and a Code of Conduct prior to getting this up and running. I know already that this would not be simple due to having to please everyone involved with this type of thing.

For example. Using the ground for AW stalks for L2. He would have passed him, he wouldn't have....Who is right, who is wrong?

I am more than happy to help with what ever I can, just not now at this moment...



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There is a large estate close by, we have in the past considered approaching them with an offer for the stalking, but was unsure if we could fill enough days to pay the rent! they have red,roe and goat..
It is to late in the season now but we could make enquiries for next year,that would give time for all things relevant to be in place..

There is also a cottage that would be available.
The big question is would people be prepared to travel those sort of distances and how many?
We do have an inroad to these people as we have dealt with them for the last 10 years so there is a possibilty!
I will make tentative enquiries..


Pete E

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Sorry, to hijack the thread, but do any Firstaiders know the correct treatment for buckshot in the bum???? :D :D


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Griff, if you would care to PM me I would be grateful. Your offer is a very generous one and I feel warrants investigation.

PeteE this is a grand idea, and I am heartened by the response already, lets see how we progress with the site over the next few weeks, we need to finalise all the March and Shoot, plus Tshirts etc and then we can start laying some brickwork down and see what we might be able to achieve.

Thank you

Pete E

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I know this is one for the future, I was just trying to gauge the level of potential support for it....

If this doesn't come off, I have another idea, but its potentially more expensive for the novice and it would only involve the site very indirectly..




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shoot for stalking directort members

Count me in for £100 if that is what is needed to set it up one of the best ideas yet MUDDY


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Am willing to make a contribution too.

Perhaps we could forego the caravan if that would reduce costs and help get a larger acreage?

I understand this could be difficult logistically, but a simple ballot system for all 'over-subscribed' weeks would work best and if there are roe on the land there would always be some free weekends/workdays available.

Any ideas on location Pete?