Four On The Floor

204 Ruger

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Well done Paddy, that will help you get to your 100 mate....You must be over run with them there mate...


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Well done , sounds like a cracking night you had , really enjoyed reading that and the good pics


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Bloody hell Paddy that was a long one! I really enjoyed that, what a night! Well done.:thumb:


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I find Little Owls where I shoot from time to time, they don't move and stare straight at you, takes a while to ID them. They tend to be territorial so I expect to see them in one area but not others.

I don't find it hard to distinguish between foxes and cats as the cats eyes are that bit closer together and they tend not to move their heads around as much as foxes do. They tend to stare directly at you and not blink.

So now you have shot the foxes do you have to go after fluffy bunnikins the foxes would have caught?

Thanks for the info on Neospora, I was not aware of this.


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I agree that cats are easy to distinguish when they're standing still, but if they're some way off and moving - especially if it's straight towards you, it becomes so much more difficult!

And yes, I've now got to go over and whack as many bunnies as I can. Since we feed our dog exclusively on bunny, vension trimmings, or bits of pheasant though, we need as many as we can get! :)