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For Sale: Four rifles for sale...25-06//6.5x284/.204 target/.22lr BAI am having clearout


Well-Known Member
I am reducing my rifles and have the flowing for sale.

Tika 695 25-06 Stainless synthetic with Zies diaranger scope on top.Had about 4000 round through it but holds good groups perfect for red's and fallow.
£450 for rifle only £1700 for set up and few bullets (about 20)
I have dies and heads for 25-06 buyer gets first refusal or to be sold later.

Tika 695 custom built 6.5x 284 with boyds thumbhole stock.only fired about 50 rounds to sight in 3/8th groups with this rifle of bipod! at 100 yards. I have load built up for this rifle and some heads and loaded rounds.
No scope with this rifle has weaver rails (steel not cheap ally ones) looking for £1300 for this rifle cercoated.

Savage mod 12 precision target single shot with left hand port for fast reloading.
Very accurate heavy barrel rifle stainless synthetic (stock is very good quality not the "bendy type" very solid stock.This rifle will group at least 3/8" at 100.
I have dies and heads and some loaded rounds for this rifle.
Looking for £1100 for rifle on its own £1900 for rifle and Nightforce scope.nxs.

Savage .22 lr bolt action rifle bought some five years ago and never used it! have loads of .22 lr for this rifle.
Weaver rails. not scoped. looking for £550 for rifle.

All these rifles are Face to face.Only.
All these rifles will be sold only if you have space on your ticket (of course) all fac rules will be stuck to.

I can meet you at North Coats and you can try before you buy.

Please pm me with your email address for photos or more info on the above.

Thank you all for looking