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Hi all,

and thanks in advance.

i have just got some new permissions and have seen a few fox around so was thinking of getting a caller, the question is which one. Icotec or foxpro and which model.
How easy is it to upload calls to these machines, I'm not the most adapt with technologies lol and the ones I have seen have none native calls on.

new or second hand what's your thoughts.

cheers guys and girls.


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Why spend a fortune on electronic call get an acme warbler from bushwear its less than a fiver and works great have shot loads of foxes using one and the only technology you need to master is " suck or blow"

Mr. Gain

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The ICOTechs are well-designed but as you say, non-native calls predominate. Some foxes will come in to these, others will stay clear. Bestfoxcall sell them, and they know a thing or two about calling foxes, so worth considering all the same.

You might also check out the Wildgame Innovations FLX500, as this includes European species in its -long- list of pre-loaded sounds and a standard SD card slot makes it easy to load other calls -downloaded or self-recorded.

I picked up a FLX500 at the Game Fair but haven't had a chance to try it out myself yet - though my shooting buddy called in 3 foxes with it last weekend.


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I'm no expert on foxes but if you are doing this as a little diversion from your stalking rather than as your main interest then it might be better just to go with one of the calls that you blow yourself. These are tiny so you will always have it in your pocket and it won't get in the way when you are out and about stalking and if you fancy a wee sit for foxes, or see one around, then it is a simple matter just to take the thing out and blow it.

These folks do a good selection which seems to cover everything you need from a very quiet squeak to their stainless steel call which is really quite loud, however just for a laugh I've called foxes using my sika call that I always have in my pocket for deer:

Mouth Calls | Best Fox Call

The fourth Horseman

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Back or front of hand or just lips if mouse squeaking to close one, always works for me. however I used to use an Australian whistle type jobby when out on the hill to bring in long ones, it nearly deafened me.


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I have just got permission on a local farm which has had a bit of trouble with fox so thought I would give it a go
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In Feburary I purchase from Best fox calls an icotec 350 which up till last week I had used it very sparingly. On the couple osccassions I had used it it pulled in a fox.

It has a SD card and plays up to 24 calls and calls are easily downloadable from the US web site and appear quite good. I have had occassional issues with the caller not recognising the SD card just a case of removing and reinserting it. Battery life is v good with rechargable Enloops in the caller and the 9v battery in the control is cheap and easy to replace.

This week I had a serious play with it on big fields of hay with thick crop. It has been a revelation and with it I have called and shot 5 foxs and called many more which were not engaged.

I have been and continue to be very impressed with it. The remote is easy to use but you need to remember which calls are where.

As an entry level caller i think it is excellent.

If however you wish to get into fox calling in a big way then the Fox Pro range are the ones to use. I suggest you ask Paddy/Paul on here for advice as to which one to buy. The Spitfire seems popular but I am not in a position to comment. I have seen/heard them in action and they are very good. Its just a case of matching the correct call to a fox



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If your going to buy one id go for the IOTEC, the remotes work far further than Foxpro's.
They are idiotproof to use and come with the UK calls installed.
I would try cheap blow callers as well.

Foxes are strange creatures. Some will come charging right to your feet and some will run for the hills with the slightest squeak. Some will just completely ignore your calls.
Really depends what mood they are in.
Try reading Paddys book and it will give a good insight into what the foxes are up to at any time of year with regard to breeding, Vixens on heat, young cubs etc
This can give good tips on what calls to use, like fox territory, mating and cubs in distress etc.

I was at home for a month there and got out about 10 nights with my Gen 3 night vision on my 204 starting about 11.00 PM and finishing after 1 AM
I got 1 Vixen 2 dogs and 6 of this years cubs. Only one cub came to a call.

Good luck
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Another vote for the icotec here, great service from best fox call too. Only the 300 model has American calls (although the cottontail, jackrabbit and fox distress still work fine) the 350 and 500 have SD cards so you can choose your calls appropriate to the time of year.

I do do still keep a mouth call on me but when the cover is thick the fox often appears too close (or from behind) and will spot you or your movement before you're ready to shoot. With the remote calls the fox will be focused and running in to the call and not on you which (in my case) has hugely improved my success rate.

old keeper

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Having tried most of the calls that are available I really don't think there is much to choose between them. Some will work well one night yet on another occasion foxes will totally ignore them. So much more depends on the fox rather than the caller. We have little or no idea what the fox we are calling has been doing prior to our efforts to get it in. it may have just fed, it may be a bit "call wise" it's all speculation.
At the moment I am using the Icotec 350 with the attached decoy. It works well as did my smelly old hand last night when it called in an old dog fox. Long before digital callers were even thought of we did pretty well just using the hand and shot a lot of foxes. By the way the good old WAM still does the job.

Mr. Gain

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When the cover is thick the fox often appears too close (or from behind) and will spot you or your movement before you're ready to shoot. With the remote calls the fox will be focused and running in to the call and not on you which (in my case) has hugely improved my success rate.
This to my mind is the primary reason for using a remote call: you can position yourself so as to ambush any fox looping downwind of the call.

Some standard pre-recorded calls are good, but I prefer to record my own call sequences using a mouth call and then play them back on the remote to ensure I always -or as often as possible- have the fox in front of me rather than behind me.


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I've got a Foxpro FX3 but wasn't impressed with the remote, doesn't always connect to the caller first time, sometimes have to press it a few times before it seems to connect (although it always does). I bought an Icotec 350 which I much prefer. Foxpro is now sat doing nothing except gathering dust.

Just my views on them.


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If you have an iPhone try the "i hunt by Ruger" app, it's free to download, most of the calls are locked but the mice and rats is free. For foxing on a still night the #field mouse 2 works a treat. Agree with old keeper with the WAM though,l haven't had a lot of success with my own Foxpro.