Fox Hunting Ban maybe relaxed


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David Cameron is backing calls to relax the ban on fox-hunting in England and Wales, it emerged today.
The Prime Minister has 'sympathy' with calls to scrap a law banning farmers from using more than two dogs to flush out foxes, Downing Street said.

It would mark a first step towards the coalition fulfilling its pledge to stage a free vote on repealing the controversial law altogether and follows reports of a surge in fox attacks on sheep flocks

Fox-hunting ban could be relaxed | Mail Online


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I believe this will be put to vote in parliament. Do you think there will be a sufficient amount of supporters for this to go through? I'm not so sure.


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All well and good, but what is needed is a public campaign that will impact on MPs in Westminster. We need all the persuading ammunition we can get such as foxes attacking children in there prams, foxes coming in to cities and towns in search of food. And here is the big one, how are we going to change the attitude of the BBC and its leftish prejudices that we are so used to on such programmes as Countryfile remembering that the RSPB is in cahoots with them all.

A campaign to repeal the fox hunting act will be just as big and vociferous as the campaign was to ban it.

​I look forward to a good argument


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Have you read some of the comments. aparantly it a mith that the conseravive toffs made up that foxes eat lambs. acording to the comments foxes are too small to pose a threat to lambs!


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I'm sure someone can conjure a caustic anagram out of 'the return of the mounted field' ; I'd welcome a return to coursing and for sure the fell hunstman, but some of the mounted nuggets really take the biscuit, a welcome return to hunting foxes ... it's not universal. S

Bandit Country

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I'll believe it when it happens. Looks to me like the Conservatives have started their 2015 election campaign already...:-|

paul k

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Sadly if this goes to Parliament for a vote it will be a free vote as per the original vote with no Whips. I doubt whether there has been a sufficient change in terms of new MPs or the views of those who were present and voted last time to repeal the Act. The only hope is that enough of those who voted in the current act and who now realise that it was Socialist "Class War" legislation rather than animal welfare based plus those that realise it in effectively unenforceable now vote the other way.


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I couldn't care less, if this is all Gubbermint has to think about we're fekd. I would rather they concerned themselves with economic recovery, jobs, NHS.


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And thats why we keep having things erroded away as nobody ever sticks together and sees the bigger picture :confused:


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Well said Mereside; all for one and one for all...

The exemption for terrier work at present permits the use of one dog to ground to protect wild or reared game birds...NOT any other livestock at all...


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Pretend conservatives change anything, dream on. Do you honestly think the heir to blair will change his spots ?