Fox skins and the law!


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Not deer related but can anybody help me out with where I would stand legally selling fox skins? I had a browse online but all I Could find was the outlawing of fur farming, nothing regarding the sale of fox furs from vermin control etc. Seems a shame to keep wasting them!
Thanks in advance
I see no reason why you cannot sell your fox furs, in the seventies we used to sell them to a dealer, but fashion changed and they were worthless.
Nothing to stop you other than finding a market for them ,used to sell them but prices got less and less until it was not worth the effort of skinning them.
Thanks guys! I have a friend who's big into his bushcraft who was asking after them along with deer and rabbit furs! I shall start skinning!
Have a word with the leather workers on here might be suitable bullet pouches or similar items, its all down to how much they would be when tanned
Slightly off kilter

A close by neighbour has all the muntjac skins I get, he uses them after treating and shaving them to re skin bongo drums

He says it’s the best skin he has used. :tiphat: The meat is even better though