fox v deer


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Out last evening watching a buck with a doe still rutting plenty of chasing around and he also mounted her a couple of times, anyway that aside another doe appeared to my left at about 400 yds away and proceeded to wonder into the stubble after a short while a large fox joined her on her side of the field, after a spell of hunting around the fox ran over to the deer and started to run around her a few times he then ran about 10 yards from her and stood the deer would then run to the fox and do the same thing this went on for a while, then they started chasing each other around taking it in turn to be chased then the fox would run up to the deer and prance around then the deer would do the same to the fox, at no time during this episode did l see any aggression from the fox or the deer it just looked like they was playing together also there was no sign that the doe had any fawns, has anyone seen activity like this before or even any ideas on it.


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l was so wrapped up in the what was going on with them that l actually lost the lite in the end, l did try a squeak or two at last knockings but the fox was not having it, probably having to much fun, it was so nice just sitting and watching what was going on in the field there was rabbits and hares belting around a barn owl hunting l also saw a muntie buck that was a very pale colour almost ghostly in the dusk, all in all a very nice evening its not all about killing, anyway l told the keeper about the fox so l am sure he will catch up with him very soon :)


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Fox & Deer.

Many years ago I was watching a Roe Doe with one small fawn and hoping a Buck would appear when a Fox slunk out of the cover and approached the Fawn.
The Doe flew at him and chased him away.

I once saw a Red Hind chase a Badger which came near to her whilst she was grazing.

I shot a Carrion Crow in a field and it was spread flat on the ground when another flew down out of a tall tree and started to tread it.
I poked the .22/250 out of the window and zapped it, just deserts for trying to screw a corpse !!!!!!
Fox vs Deer

Hi all
A couple of years ago I stalked onto a Fallow doe standing on a deer track through some bushes on the woodland edge, I was getting into position for a shot when a fox came across the field to enter the wood at the same place, there was a stand off for a few seconds and then the doe chased the fox off for a couple of yards and returned to her spot, the fox then walked back towards her and the same happened again, this continued to happen for about 10 minutes until the fox got fed up and wandered off to enter the wood at another point, I was sure he was winding the doe up just for the fun of it. I spent so long watching them I missed my chance at the doe and the fox, which I forgot to mention to the farmer or the keeper :oops: