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Hi all
While out stalking last evening I noticed a fox crossing a field to the corner where a building stands.This fox was then joined by 2 more and began to feed from scraps of food thrown by a lady from about 10 ft as a guess.When i watched the lady dissapear i decided to try and get close enough for a safe shot.At about 250 yds they all togather ran for the safety of the wood.Its like they knew they were going to have more than their fill.Has anyone wittnesed similar?


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Had one just like her in my neighbourhood. Fed all the bloody foxes and refused to stop despite repeated requests from other neighbours who were suffering as a consequence.

Foxes will approach using the same route so i just waited in ambush and shot a few on their way to her garden (she bordered a farming friend's field and then thanked her for 'baiting' them. She stopped right sharpish after that.


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Get yourself some scraps from your local bucther :D arrive before the old lady 8) feed the foxes and shoot the bloody lot, that should sort it for you and you can get some shooting in as well
Si :evil:


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I'm with Deer-fox on this one, but I think you should dress up as the old woman and shoot the foxes! Make sure you have witnesses, that way she will get the blame. :lol:
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