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Mr dippy

Plenty of foxes about, what's the favourite calibre. I am using 6.5 x 55. 120 grain soft point

Fantastic foxing re loaded round Nvhit 160



ive shot a few in the last 2 weeks using a nosler bt 120g with 48g n165 also in 6.5 x 55 ..... not had a runner yet !!!

V8 90

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I've had 5 since they started harvesting last week - .204r 32gn Hornady varmint express Vmax :D

norma 308

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6.5, 120 bt ....windy night foxer

22/250 ,55 bt .... Nice night foxer
just me that lets the side down occasionally :rolleyes:


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22-250 does the job nicely with 55gr BT.
High winds or middle of hard winter, they drop.......This is an awesome foxing caliber.
Im sure the like of a .243 with a 55gr bullet still upsets the fox population equaly as well!


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Point and shoot triple 2, although nothing really quite beats the rush and satisfaction of dropping one freehand headshot rimfire 22


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Rem 700 .243 75 grain accui tips....tried 55 & 100 but the 75 works the best out of the 3 weights for me....

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