Foxing in an urban area

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Hi all just after a bit of advice. I have been asked to shoot foxes on land which is on the edge of a city area were the owner has poultry and sheep, the land is sloping uphill and represents no problem for the use of a .223. All the other land i shoot over and is right out in the country.
Do you think I should inform the police on the 101 number that I am going shooting just in case one of the house holders phones them I'm not aware that anyone has shot in this area so wonder if people may get a bit nervous at the sound of a rifle.
I have never bothered to call the police before and have had no problem but as said all other shooting has been in a rural area.
Thanks for your help


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Hi if it was me I would saves alot of hassle later if the police do get a call from a concerned member of the public it also looks good on paper as a safe shooter :)


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Personal preference as there is no legal requirement, yet!

I always do, I've got nothing to hide and allows them the deal with any inbound calls there and then rather than sending a car round.

Others no doubt will have different views.


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I shoot foxes well inside the city limits
always call it it
nothing to do with what is legally required and everything to do with covering my arse when some nimby rings for the black helicopters!


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Good evening, when I ever go out on lamp now I always give them a call, I've done it for last few years after I finally got sick of being pulled over, all fine now. You don't want to be in a position where you out with rifle and mr fox in perfect position for dropping then next thing boys in blue come flying round corner 2min call def worth it.


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I had the police called on me once while foxng on a city golf course. It was a bit nerve wracking - one of them was clearly VERY excited about being on a firearms call out, and was alarmingly twitchy and aggressive. Fortunately I stayed calm and a more experienced officer had a quiet word with him - but it was a tense 5 mins, staring into the beans of the torches with no clear idea of what was happening.

The friendly but firm advice from the experienced officer was make the call. It saves everyone a lot of hassle.


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It depends on where you live. If everyone who shoots around here called in every night they went out the police 'phone lines would be completely jammed.


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Am I not right in assuming that they'd probably still send a car round anyway, just in case? I guess to cover their arses...


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well if you use a thermal and suitable optics, .204 with moddy the biggest sound will be the bullet strike. We dont just text all the land owners to tell them we are about.



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When I call mine in I use my mobile phone they always ask if this is the number that I can be contacted on and have been contacted by the police when I've been out shooting to ask if I am still shooting on the named land I had rang in so I can only imagine that someone. Has contacted the police on that occasion


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Am I not right in assuming that they'd probably still send a car round anyway, just in case? I guess to cover their arses...
sometimes just a call to see if you are still there
depends on the severity of the complaint I suppose

see above for Mungo's experience!


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Am I not right in assuming that they'd probably still send a car round anyway, just in case? I guess to cover their arses...
Quite possibly, depending on the nature of the call, although they may just call you to ascertain it is you and everything is above board. But if they do attend, it'll be a local officer who will probably want to chat more than you've got time for, rather than anything else if you have already notified them.

I would take each shooting expedition on it's merits as to whether to call the police. Not just foxing, but pigeon shooting, vermin control, even stalking. Do a quick risk assessment of the chances that anyone might hear you, or see you in stealth mode and if there's a fair possibility, then calling the police and getting an incident number makes sense really.
I usually call in on one of my permissions as it is in hearing distance of residential areas. Only problem is getting through. It would be much easier to be a able to text and be logged in, if there was a call from Joe Public the police could just check the texts. Saving them and the person shooting a lot of time.