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Anyone having success with the foxpro, or calling in general at the moment. I was out at weekend and no response, even though I know foxes are working the area. Not even a daft cub coming in for a nosey.

Any pointers on which calls are doing the business. I went through most of my prey calls throughout the coruse of the night in different spots, but didn't hit the jackpot.

I always have a sneaking suspicion at this time of year that food is so abundant, they can afford to be fussy!



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I had a cub last night that wouldn't come into the call, decided to sneak off, but left himself open for a nice side shot :D
At the weekend, nothing was coming to the calls, so I think you are spot on with abundant food sources.


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using the distressed vixen call on my spitfire,

brung in 2 nice cubs last week 1 chest and one head,

i just keep the volume down and change calls from time to time with a long pause between changeovers of the call.