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Hi Guys
After a brief rummage in Santas sack i managed to emerge with a few pound notes! I have been considering an electronic game call for some time and the general consensus is to go for a Foxpro. I'm a bit confused which model to go for, can anyone make some suggestions. It seems a bit like buying a complicated washing machine where you then only use one or two programmes
I am aware that bushwear have reconditioned spitfires but I'm always a bit wary of secondhand electronic stuff. Some calls are sold with UK calls which seems sensible. Are these available as aftermarket extras?

Any help gratefully received



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I bought a reconditioned spitfire, best thing I ever did. I've had more success with it than any other caller. The ones from Bushwear come with UK calls, I've found the easiest way to change calls is to have different Micro SD cards and just update the remote (you need a 3.5 male-male AUX lead) when I change the card


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Had one for a few years now and love it, 3 shooters I know have all gone for the foxpro spitfire, works well enough and is easy to put your own calls on etc,

I have just in the last few days got the foxpro jack attack and will be using it later on tonight, I have in the past posted a thread about modifieing a old caller but I have not had to do anything to this apart from loading new batteries,

Great bit of kit and a good deal with the recon ones from bushware they got my part in from the states in less than 2 weeks,



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I would consider looking at the wildfire as well got mine the USA on fleabay think it cost £160 all in postage import tax royal mails cut :evil: it will hold 200 calls and think a lad on the bbs as put a lot of calls on to down load